Determines whether the object identified by this moniker is currently loaded and running.

HRESULT IsRunning(

IBindCtx *pbc,
//Bind context to be used
IMoniker *pmkToLeft,
//Moniker to the left in the composite
IMoniker *pmkNewlyRunning
//Moniker of a newly running object



[in] Points to the bind context to be used in this binding operation. The bind context caches objects bound during the binding process, contains parameters that apply to all operations using the bind context, and provides the means by which the moniker implementation should retrieve information about its environment. For more information, see IBindCtx.


[in] Points to the moniker to the left of this moniker if this moniker is part of a composite. This parameter is primarily used by moniker implementors to enable cooperation between the various components of a composite moniker; moniker clients can usually pass NULL.


[in] Points to the moniker most recently added to the Running Object Table (ROT). This can be NULL. If non-NULL, the implementation can return the results of calling IMoniker::IsEqual on the pmkNewlyRunning parameter, passing the current moniker. This parameter is intended to enable IMoniker::IsRunning implementations that are more efficient than just searching the ROT, but the implementation can choose to ignore pmkNewlyRunning without causing any harm.

Return Values


The moniker is running.


The moniker is not running.


Indicates an unexpected error.


Notes to Callers

If speed is important when you're requesting services from the object identified by the moniker, you may want those services only if the object is already running (because loading an object into the running state may be time-consuming). In such a situation, you'd call IMoniker::IsRunning to determine if the object is running.

For the monikers stored within linked objects, IMoniker::IsRunning is primarily called by the default handler's implementation of IOleLink::BindIfRunning.

Notes to Implementors

To get a pointer to the Running Object Table (ROT), your implementation should call IBindCtx::GetRunningObjectTable on the pbc parameter. Your implementation can then call IRunningObjectTable::IsRunning to determine whether the object identified by the moniker is running. Note that the object identified by the moniker must have registered itself with the ROT when it first began running.

See Also

IOleLink::BindIfRunning, IBindCtx::GetRunningObjectTable, IRunningObjectTable::IsRunning

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