Returns an interface pointer to the Running Object Table (ROT) for the machine on which this bind context is running.

HRESULT GetRunningObjectTable(

IRunningObjectTable **pprot
//Receives a pointer to the Running Object Table



[out] Receives a pointer to the Running Object Table. If an error occurs, *pprot is set to NULL. If *pprot is non-NULL, the implementation calls IUnknown::AddRef on the parameter; it is the caller's responsibility to call IUnknown::Release.

Return Values


A pointer to the ROT was returned successfully.


Indicates insufficient memory.


Indicates an unexpected error.


The Running Object Table is a globally-accessible table on each machine. It keeps track of all the objects that are currently running on the machine.

Notes to Callers

You typically call this method if you are writing your own moniker class (that is, implementing the IMoniker interface). You can call this method from your implementation of IMoniker::BindToObject or IMoniker::IsRunning to check whether a given object is currently running. You can also call this method from your implementation of IMoniker::GetTimeOfLastChange to learn when a running object was last modified.

Moniker implementations should always use this method instead of using the GetRunningObjectTable API function. This makes it possible for future implementations of IBindCtx to modify binding behavior.

See Also

IMoniker, IRunningObjectTable

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