Reads the CLSID from the storage object.

HRESULT ReadClassStg(

IStorage * pStg,
//Points to the storage containing the CLSID to be retrieved
CLSID * pclsid
//Points to location for returning the CLSID



Points to the storage object containing the CLSID to be returned.


Points to location where the CLSID is to be returned. May return CLSID_NULL.

Return Values


Indicates the CLSID was returned successfully.


Indicates the CLSID could not be returned due to lack of memory.

See also the IStorage::Stat method for other error return values.

See Also

This function is simply a helper function that calls the IStorage::Stat method and retrieves the CLSID from the resulting STATSTG structure.

See Also

OleLoad, WriteClassStg

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