Registering Object Applications

To become functional, object applications must register in the Microsoft® Windows® registry. The registry contains information about the application that is needed to support OLE features. This chapter discusses registering object applications and describes OLE registry entries and the subkeys under which they are entered.

Your installation/setup program must add information to the registry, and its associated subkeys, if it is to perform any of the three following types of installations:

  • Installing an object application.

  • Installing a container/object application.

  • Installing a container application that allows linking to its embedded objects.

In all three cases, you must register OLE 2 library (DLL) information as well as application-specific information.

The subkeys are contained in the following registry keys:


Note that HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT provides compatibility with Windows 3.1 and Windows 95.

For information about OLE registry functions, refer to the following API functions:

For information on the registry, the structure of registry entries, and registry functions, refer to the Microsoft Win32 Programmer's Reference.

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