Animation information used by the DrawPenDataEx function for animation control.

typedef struct {

DWORD cbSize;

UINT uSpeedPct;

UINT uPeriodCB;

UINT fuFlags;

LPARAM lParam;

DWORD dwReserved;




Size of this structure in bytes.


Drawing speed, expressed as a percentage of the user's entry speed. To redraw pen data at the same speed at which it was created, this value should be set to 100. A value of 0 halts drawing. Setting uSpeedPct to 0 is valid only if the lpfnAnimateCB parameter of DrawPenDataEx is defined. Otherwise, the drawing halts with no way to restart it. uSpeedPct can be changed by a call-back function.


Callback period in milliseconds. Typical values are 1 (very fast), 250 (fast), 1000 (slow), or 0 (never). Any value in uPeriodCB is ignored if the DrawPenDataEx argument lpfnAnimateCB is NULL. uPeriodCB may also be AI_CBSTROKE, to indicate that the callback should occur after each stroke is drawn.


Flags that control animation (can be 0). The AI_SKIPUPSTROKES option specifies that the time taken to account for the points in the up strokes should be ignored. If this flag is 0, and if the value in uSpeedPct is small enough, there will be a delay between pen-down strokes, reflecting the user's inter-stroke delay during creation of the pen data.


Application value to pass to the callback function set up by the lpfnAnimateCB argument of DrawPenDataEx.


Must be 0.


Before using ANIMATEINFO, an application must initialize cbSize with sizeof( ANIMATEINFO ).

See Also

, DrawPenDataEx

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