The AnimateProc function is an application-defined callback function that provides information to DrawPenDataEx on a periodic basis. The name AnimateProc serves only as a placeholder; the function can have any name.

BOOL CALLBACK AnimateProc( HPENDATA hpndt, UINT iStrk, UINT cPnt, UINT FAR * lpuSpeedPct, LPARAM lParam )



Handle to the pen data currently being drawn.


Zero-based index to the stroke being drawn, or about to be drawn.


Count of points already drawn in this stroke.


Address of the speed-percent value.


Application-specific data passed to the callback. This value is specified in ANIMATEINFO.

Return Value

The callback function must return TRUE to continue drawing the pen data. Returning FALSE stops animation immediately.


One of the parameters of DrawPenDataEx provides the address of this callback function. The application must create an instance of this function using the MakeProcInstance function, and ensure that it is exported in the module-definition (.DEF) file.

The application can monitor the state of animation or provide the user with an opportunity to change the speed of animation, including pausing it, using the value addressed by lpuSpeedPct.

The application can also pass application-specific information to the callback in lParam. For example, a handle to the DC (device context) can be passed.

Callbacks are made at the beginning of the stroke or time interval, before any drawing is done. However, if AI_SKIPUPSTROKES is specified, a callback is not made before up strokes.

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