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Adds a set of data points to the pen data object.

HPENDATA AddPointsPenData( HPENDATA hpendata, LPPOINT lppt, LPVOID lpvOem, LPSTROKEINFO lpsiNew )



Handle to a pen data object.


Address of an array of POINT structures containing new data points to be added to the pen data. Zero points can be added to force a change of pen state or to set a new pen state.


OEM data. Can be set to NULL if there is no additional OEM data. The pen data header determines how the OEM data is interpreted.


Address of a STROKEINFO structure for new stroke data. Contains the count of points from lppt to be added.

Return Value

Returns a handle to the pen data object. Normally, this is the same handle originally passed to the function. NULL is returned on error. The size of hpendata is limited to 64K.


A call to GetPenHwEventData or GetPenInput gets the lpsiNew and lpvOem values. A subsequent call to AddPointsPenData appends the set of points to the HPENDATA memory block identified by hpendata. The lpsiNew argument points to a STROKEINFO structure that describes the new points, and lpvOem points to the corresponding OEM data (if any) to be added along with the points.

The STROKEINFO structure indicates the pen state of the new pointspics/PENAPI00090001.gifthat is, whether the pen is up or down. To avoid unnecessarily creating new strokes in the HPENDATA block, AddPointsPenData compares the pen state of the new points with the pen state of the last stroke in the HPENDATA block. If the new points have the same pen state as the last stroke, the function appends the points to the last stroke and updates the last STROKEINFO structure within the HPENDATA block. If the new points have a different pen state, AddPointsPenData appends them to the HPENDATA block as a new stroke, along with the STROKEINFO structure pointed to by lpsiNew.

AddPointsPenData does not scale the data points. The calling application must ensure that the added data points have the same scale as the rest of the HPENDATA block.

See Also

, GetPenHwEventData

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