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Contains information about a sequence of pen data.

typedef struct {

UINT cPnt;

UINT cbPnts;

UINT wPdk;

DWORD dwTick;




Count of points in the stroke.


Used internally to contain length of compressed data. Applications should ignore this value.


State of the stroke, expressed as a PDK_ value.


Time at beginning of the stroke. dwTick holds the number of milliseconds that have elapsed since the system tick reference that Windows determines at startup.


The STROKEINFO structure serves two main purposes. First, it is returned by the GetPenHwEventData functions with each piece of new data from the tablet. Second, it is used in certain pen data functions such as AddPenInputHRC, AddPointsPenData, and GetPenDataStroke as a header for each stroke. In both cases, it contains information about a sequence of data from the tablet.

For examples and further information about STROKEINFO and its members, see the section "Recognition Functions" in Chapter 8, "Writing a Recognizer."

For a list of stroke state bits, refer to the entry for PDK_ values in Chapter 13, "Pen Application Programming Interface Constants."

See Also

, GetPenDataStroke, GetPenInput, GetPenHwEventData, InsertPenDataStroke, TargetPoints, PDK_

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