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Returns a pointer to stroke data contained in an HPENDATA memory block previously locked with the BeginEnumStrokes function.

Note This function is provided only for compatibility with version 1.0 of the Pen API and will not be supported in future versions. Use other services such as GetPenDataAttributes, GetPointsFromPenData, or GetStrokeAttributes to examine an HPENDATA block.

BOOL GetPenDataStroke( LPPENDATA lppd, UINT iStrk, LPPOINT FAR * lplppt, LPVOID FAR * lplpvOem, LPSTROKEINFO lpsi )



Address of the HPENDATA memory block. This parameter is the value returned by a previous call to the BeginEnumStrokes function.


Zero-based index of the stroke to retrieve.


Address of a pointer to a point. The pointer returned by the function will point to the first point of the stroke inside the pen data object. This parameter can be NULL if point data is not required.


Address of a void pointer. The pointer returned by the function will point to the OEM data block of the stroke inside the pen data object. The format of the OEM data is specified by the rgoempeninfo member in the PENINFO structure. This parameter can be NULL if OEM data is not required.


Address of a STROKEINFO structure. This parameter can be NULL if stroke information is not required.

Return Value

Returns TRUE if successful. If the stroke requested is out of range, the function returns FALSE.


returns in lpsi a pointer to a STROKEINFO structure created from the stroke referenced by iStrk. The lpsi parameter does not point directly into the HPENDATA memory block.

However, the lplppt argument points to the first point of the stroke inside the HPENDATA block. For a description of how the GetPenDataStroke function has changed in version 2.0 of the Pen API, refer to AppendixA.

Applications must call BeginEnumStrokes before calling GetPenDataStroke. After the last call to GetPenDataStroke, the application must call EndEnumStrokes. Once EndEnumStrokes is called, the data that lplppt and lplpvOem point to is no longer valid.

Under no circumstances should an application modify data directly within an HPENDATA block. Doing so can invalidate other information in the block. To modify an HPENDATA block, use one of the Pen API functions listed in Chapter 4, "The Inking Process."

See Also

, EndEnumStrokes, GetStrokeAttributes

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