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Retrieves a specified range of points.

BOOL GetPointsFromPenData( HPENDATA hpndt, UINT iStrk, UINT iPnt, UINT cPnts, LPPOINT lppt )



Handle to a pen data object.


The zero-based stroke index from which points are retrieved.


First point to retrieve from the specified stroke.


Number of points to retrieve. If this value is 0, the function returns TRUE.


Address of buffer to fill with points.

Return Value

Returns TRUE if successful, or FALSE if the requested points are out of range.


performs a function similar to GetPenDataStroke in that it retrieves information from an HPENDATA memory block. But GetPointsFromPenData copies the required data to buffers supplied by the application, rather than simply returning pointers to the original data in the global heap.

An application can also request a copy of a particular subset of points within a stroke. In this case, iPnt identifies the first point and cPnts is the number of points to retrieve. This allows an application to digest the points in an HPENDATA block a few at a time to avoid having to allocate a large block of memory for the entire set of points.

GetPointsFromPenData returns the last point in a stroke if the iPnt argument is set to a value larger than the total number of points in the stroke. In the same manner, the function returns the points of the last stroke if iStrk exceeds the total number of strokes in the HPENDATA block. If the count of points to return is 1 and iPnt is beyond the last point in the stroke, the function returns the last point in the stroke.

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