Creates a handwriting recognition context HRC that can be used to do handwriting recognition, optionally compatible with an existing context template. A recognizer must export this function.

HRC CreateCompatibleHRC( HRC hrcTemplate, HREC hrec )



Handle to an existing HRC object that can provide default settings for the recognition context being created. If NULL, this parameter is ignored and default settings are used.


Instance handle of the recognizer library. This is the value returned by the Windows function LoadLibrary. Note that the module handle returned by the Windows function GetModuleHandle does not work in this case. If this value is NULL, the system default recognizer is used by internally making a call to GetPenMiscInfo with PMI_SYSREC as the first argument.

Return Value

Returns a handle to a new HRC object if successful; otherwise, returns NULL.


The hrcTemplate parameter can be used to copy an old context into the new HRC object. This includes settings such as word lists, coercion, and GUIDE structure, but excludes any pen data that may be in the old context.

See Also

, GetResultsHRC, SetMaxResultsHRC

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