Document Conventions

The following document conventions are used throughout this book.

Bold text
Bold letters indicate a specific term or punctuation mark intended to be used literally: language functions or keywords (such as DrawPenDataEx or switch), MS-DOSŪ commands, and command-line options. You must type these terms and punctuation marks exactly as shown. The use of uppercase or lowercase letters is usually, but not always, significant. For example, you can invoke the C compiler by typing either CL, cl, or Cl at the MS-DOS prompt.
( )
In syntax statements, parentheses enclose one or more parameters that you pass to a function.
Italic text
Italic text indicates a placeholder; you are expected to provide an actual value. For example, in the following syntax the placeholder lpszRecogName represents a pointer to the filename of a recognizer:
InstallRecognizer( lpszRecogName );
New terms pertaining to pen-based computing also appear in italics where they are first introduced or defined in the text. Such terms are also listed in the glossary.
Monospace text
Code examples are displayed in a nonproportional typeface.

A vertical ellipsis in a program example indicates that a portion of the program has been omitted.
. . .
A horizontal ellipsis following an item indicates that more items having the same form may appear.
[[ ]]
Double brackets enclose optional fields or parameters in command lines or syntax statements.
A vertical bar indicates that you can enter one of the entries shown on either side of the bar. In symbol graphs, a vertical bar indicates the possible character choices.
{ }
Braces indicate that you must specify one of the enclosed items.
Small capital letters indicate the names of keys and key sequences; for example, CTRL+ALT+DEL. If the key names are separated by commas instead of plus signs; for example ALT, Fpics/PENAPI00090001.gifthen you must press the keys consecutively rather than together.

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