Getting Results

The Pen API provides three methods for an application to get recognition results. The first two methods are functions pics/PENAPI00090001.gif GetBoxResultsHRC and GetResultsHRC pics/PENAPI00090001.gif that retrieve the results from an HRC object. The GetBoxResultsHRC function assumes the application has provided a GUIDE structure to the HRC. If the application has not specified a GUIDE structure, it must call GetResultsHRC to retrieve an HRCRESULT object for each alternative guess.

The third method applies only to version 1.0 recognition functions. It retrieves recognition results for both boxed and unboxed input from an RCRESULT structure. With this method, an application must dissect the RCRESULT structure to get information that GetBoxResultsHRC and GetResultsHRC provide automatically.

The rest of this section gives examples for each of the three methods.

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