RCO_ Recognition Options

RCO_ values apply only to recognizers compatible with version 1.0 of the Pen API. They are used in the lRcOptions member of the RC structure, which specifies various options for recognition. RCO_ values can be combined with a logical-OR operator.

Display a plus sign (+) at center of each box in a bedit control.
Set if the writer is expected to write in boxes and the GUIDE structure contains valid data.
Set in results messages if the result is coming from cold recognition.
Disables gesture mapping during the Recognize function call.
No flash cursor feedback.
If set in the RC structure and nothing was recognized, the cursor will not momentarily change to a question-mark cursor shape.
If set, doesn't remove cursor while inking.
Prevents application-wide and system-wide hooks from being called.
If set, the RC Manager will not try to recognize a pointer event but will pass on all data to the recog-nizer. This is useful, for example, if the application has installed a shape recognizer so the user can enter dots of ink.
If the null recognizer is selected into the RC, RCO_NOPOINTEREVENT is assumed to be set.
If set, indicates that the results passed back from the recognizer should be passed on to the dictionaries without breaking at space boundaries.
Saves all the pen data in the RCRESULT structure that is generated by the tablet, including any data for pen-up strokes and optional data such as pressure. By default, only data used by the recognizer is saved.
The Microsoft recognizer collects all data from first to last pen-down stroke, including pen-up strokes in between, and any available OEM data for each stroke.
Saves the pen data. If this is set, the recognizer does not delete the data when the application returns from WM_RCRESULT. It is the application's responsibility to free the pen data.
If set, the following actions take place: After all dictionaries have been unsuccessfully searched with strings from the symbol graph, each dictionary is called with DIRQ_SUGGEST to allow the diction-aries to make suggestions. If a string is not yet identified by a dictionary, the null dictionary is used to create a symbol string from the symbol graph.
If set, indicates that the members representing coordi-nate values in the RC structure are in tablet coordi-nates instead of screen coordinates. This can be used to collect recognition data on the portion of the tablet not mapped to the screen.

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