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Installs and removes a recognition hook. This function works only for Pen API version 1.0 recognizers accessed through Recognize or RecognizeData.

Note This function is provided only for compatibility with version 1.0 of the Pen API and will not be supported in future versions. Use SetResultsHookHREC instead.

BOOL SetRecogHook( UINT uScope, UINT uSetOp, HWND hwndHook )



Scope of hook. The hook parameter uSetOp determines the scope of the hook. The following table lists the HWR_ values for uSetOp:

The hook window receives a WM_HOOKRCRESULT message before a WM_RCRESULT message is sent to the target window.
The hook window receives the message WM_HOOKRCRESULT before a WM_RCRESULT message is sent to the target window if the target window belongs to the same task as the window that set an HWR_APPWIDE hook. This is useful for implementing application-wide gestures.
The RCRT_ALREADYPROCESSED flag is set in the wResultsType member of the RCRESULTS structure sent with WM_RCRESULT if an application-wide hook has already processed the data.


Parameter to determine whether hook is set or removed. The operation parameter uSetOp determines whether the hook is set or removed. The following table lists the HKP_ values for uScope:

Installs a hook.
Removes function from hook list.


Handle to a window.

Return Value

Returns TRUE if successful; otherwise, FALSE.


enables a version 1.0 application to examine the results of recognition before they are sent to the target application.

The hook message is WM_HOOKRCRESULT. The wParam and lParam parameters are the same as for the WM_RCRESULT message. If the window procedure that receives the WM_HOOKRCRESULT message returns FALSE, the message WM_HOOKRCRESULT is not sent to any of the remaining hooks in the chain.

No drawing should occur during the processing of the WM_HOOKRCRESULT and before recognition is complete. Drawing at these times could cause timing problems, with ink reappearing in formerly invisible controls as they are redrawn.

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