The HRC Object

The HRC object incorporates a set of functions, called the HRC functions, that govern the recognition process. To conduct handwriting recognition, an application creates an HRC object, configures its recognition parameters, sends pen data to the object, gives the object time to perform recognition, and eventually gets results from the object.

An HRC object provides four different functions, serving as:

  • Recognition manager, containing the word lists, templates, alphabets, and GUIDE information that aid recognition.

  • Data storage, containing the pen coordinates placed into the object with the AddPenInputHRC or AddPenDataHRC functions. An application can retrieve the entire set of pen data stored in the HRC object or only a portion. For example, it can retrieve only the ink associated with a specific letter or word in the recognized text.

  • Recognition workhorse, handling the task of recognition through the ProcessHRC function.

  • Results warehouse, storing recognition results and guesses.

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