Call Requests

Assisted Telephony provides telephony-enabled applications with an easy-to-use mechanism for making phone calls without requiring the developer to become fully telephony literate.

The tapiRequestMakeCall function requests a voice call between the user and a remote party specified by its phone number. The request is made to TAPI, which passes it to an application that is registered as a recipient of such requests. This recipient is a call-manager application.

After the application has made the request, the call is controlled entirely from the call-manager application because Assisted Telephony applications cannot manage calls. Because the more complex aspects of telephony and all user-interface operations are handled by the call-manager application, telephony-enabled applications need not be modified in any substantial way. In fact, applications that allow this operation to be invoked from their built-in script language may not need to be modified at all.

The tapiGetLocationInfo function returns to the application the country code and city (area) code which the user has set in the current location parameters in the Telephony control panel. The application can use this information to assist the user in forming proper canonical telephone numbers, such as by offering these as defaults when new numbers are entered in a phone book entry or database record.

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