Header Control Size and Position

Typically, you must set the size and position of a header control to fit within the boundaries of a particular rectangle, such as the client area of a window. By using the HDM_LAYOUT message, you can retrieve the appropriate size and position values from the header control.

When sending HDM_LAYOUT, you specify the address of an HD_LAYOUT structure that contains the coordinates of the rectangle that the header control is to occupy and provides a pointer to a WINDOWPOS structure. The control fills the WINDOWPOS structure with size and position values appropriate for positioning the control along the top of the specified rectangle. The height value is the sum of the heights of the control's horizontal borders and the average height of characters in the font currently selected into the control's device context.

If you want to use HDM_LAYOUT to set the initial size and position of a header control, you should set the initial visibility state of the control so that it is hidden. After sending HDM_LAYOUT to retrieve the size and position values, you can use the SetWindowPos function to set the new size, position, and visibility state.

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