Open and Save As Dialog Box Customization

You can customize an Open or Save As dialog box by providing a hook procedure, a custom template, or both. However, the Explorer-style and old-style versions of the dialog boxes differ in their use of custom templates and hook procedures.

For information about customizing an Explorer-style dialog box, see Explorer-Style Hook Procedures, Explorer-Style Custom Templates, and Explorer-Style Control Identifiers. For information about customizing an old-style dialog box, see Customizing Old-Style Dialog Boxes.

The following table summarizes the differences between the two styles.

Hook procedure
The hook procedure receives notification messages sent from the common dialog box and messages for any additional controls that you defined by specifying a child dialog template. The hook procedure does not receive messages for the standard controls of the default dialog box.
Custom template
The system uses the custom template to create a child dialog box. The template can define additional controls, and can specify the location of the cluster of standard controls. The custom template does not replace the default template.
Hook procedure
The hook procedure receives all messages sent to the dialog box, including messages for the standard controls and any custom controls. The hook procedure also receives registered messages sent from the common dialog box.
Custom template
The custom template replaces the default template. Create the custom template by modifying the default template specified in the FILEOPEN.DLG file.

The default title for both Explorer-style and old-style dialog boxes is either "Open" or "Save As." To change the title, specify the new title in the lpstrTitle member of the OPENFILENAME structure.

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