Parameter-Packing Functions

The lParam parameter of many DDE messages contains two pieces of data. For example, the lParam of the WM_DDE_DATA message contains a data handle and an atom. In previous versions of Windows, an application could use the MAKELONG macro to prepare an lParam parameter, and the LOWORD and HIWORD macros to remove the low-order and high-order values from lParam. Because a Win32 data handle is a 32-bit value, a Win32-based application must use the PackDDElParam function to pack the handle and atom into an lParam parameter, and the UnpackDDElParam function to remove the values. DDE applications must use PackDDElParam and UnpackDDElParam for all messages posted during a DDE conversation.

The Win32 API also includes the ReuseDDElParam and FreeDDElParam functions. ReuseDDElParam allows a DDE application to reuse a packed lParam parameter, helping reduce the number of memory reallocations the application must perform during a conversation. An application can use FreeDDElParam to free the memory associated with a data handle received during a DDE conversation.

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