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Data Types for Command Variables, Decompressing Data, Default Behavior of Drivers, DefDriverProc, Defining Playback Scope, delete, Deleting an Object, Determining a Compressor's Output Format, Determining a Decompressor's Output Format, Determining and Changing the Current Position, Determining If a Driver Can Handle the Input Format, Determining Nonstandard Format Support, Determining Which Interface an Object Supports, Device Control, Device Names, Device Types, Devices and Data Types, Device-Specific Command Sets, Digital-Video Command Set, Digital-Video Errors, Disabling Callback Functions, Disk Space Preallocation for the Capture File, Displaying Dialog Boxes to Set Video Characteristics, DllGetClassObject, DrawDib Functions, DrawDib Macros, DrawDib Operations, DrawDib Reference, DrawDib Structures, DrawDib, DrawDibBegin, DrawDibChangePalette, DrawDibClose, DrawDibDraw, DrawDibEnd, DrawDibGetBuffer, DrawDibGetPalette, DrawDibOpen, DrawDibProfileDisplay, DrawDibRealize, DrawDibSetPalette, DrawDibStart, DrawDibStop, DrawDibTime, DRAWDIBTIME, DrawDibUpdate, Drawing a Display Context, Drawing Data, Driver Functions, Driver Instances, Driver Messages, Driver Messages, Driver Structures, Driver Support for MCI Commands, DriverCallback, DriverProc, DRV_CLOSE, DRV_CONFIGURE, DRV_DISABLE, DRV_ENABLE, DRV_EXITSESSION, DRV_FREE, DRV_INSTALL, DRV_LOAD, DRV_OPEN, DRV_POWER, DRV_QUERYCONFIGURE, DRV_REMOVE, DRVCONFIGINFO, DrvGetModuleHandle

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