The BIND_FLAGS enumeration values are used to control aspects of moniker binding operations. The values are used in the BIND_OPTS structure . Callers of IMoniker methods can specify values from this enumeration, and implementors of IMoniker methods can use these values in determining what they should do.

The BIND_FLAGS enumeration is defined in OBJIDL.IDL.

typedef enum tagBIND_FLAGS



If this flag is specified, the moniker implementation can interact with the end user. If not present, the moniker implementation should not interact with the user in any way, such as by asking for a password for a network volume that needs mounting. If prohibited from interacting with the user when it otherwise would, a moniker implementation can use a different algorithm that does not require user interaction, or it can fail with the error MK_MUSTBOTHERUSER.


If this flag is specified, the caller is not interested in having the operation carried out, but only in learning whether the operation could have been carried out had this flag not been specified. For example, this flag lets the caller indicate only an interest in finding out whether an object actually exists by using this flag in a IMoniker::BindToObject call. Moniker implementations can, however, ignore this possible optimization and carry out the operation in full. Callers must be able to deal with both cases.

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