Returns the binding options stored in this bind context.

HRESULT GetBindOptions(

BIND_OPTS *pbindopts
//Points to a BIND_OPTS structure



[in, out] Points to a BIND_OPTS structure that receives the current binding parameters. For more information on the BIND_OPTS structure, see the "Data Structures" section.

Return Values


The stored binding options were successfully returned.


Indicates an unexpected error.


A bind context contains a block of parameters, stored in a BIND_OPTS structure, that are common to most IMoniker operations and that do not change as the operation moves from piece to piece of a composite moniker.

Notes to Callers

You typically call this method if you are writing your own moniker class (that is, implementing the IMoniker interface). You call this method to retrieve the parameters specified by the moniker client.

You must provide the BIND_OPTS structure that is filled in by this method. Before calling this method, you must initialize the cbStruct field of the structure to the size of the BIND_OPTS structure.

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