Specifies new values for the binding parameters stored in the bind context. Subsequent binding operations can call IBindCtx::GetBindOptions to retrieve the parameters.

HRESULT SetBindOptions(

BIND_OPTS *pbindopts
//Pointer to a BIND_OPTS structure



[in] Points to a BIND_OPTS structure containing the binding parameters. For more information on the BIND_OPTS structure, see the "Data Structures" section.

Return Values


The parameters were stored successfully.


Indicates insufficient memory.


A bind context contains a block of parameters, stored in a BIND_OPTS structure, that are common to most IMoniker operations and that do not change as the operation moves from piece to piece of a composite moniker.

Notes to Callers

This method can be called by moniker clients, that is, those who use monikers to acquire interface pointers to objects.

When you first create a bind context using the CreateBindCtx API function, the fields of the BIND_OPTS structure are initialized to the following values:

cbStruct = sizeof(BINDOPTS);

grfFlags = 0;


dwTickCountDeadline = 0;

You can use the IBindCtx::SetBindOptions method to modify these values before using the bind context, if you want values other than the defaults. See BIND_OPTS for more information.

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