Enumerates the advisory connections currently established for an object.

HRESULT EnumAdvise(

IEnumSTATDATA ** ppenumAdvise
//A pointer to a pointer to the new enumerator



[out] Points to where the new enumerator should be returned. NULL is a legal return value indicating that there are presently no advisory connections on the object. If an error is returned; this parameter must be set to NULL. Each time an OLE advise holder receives a call to IOleAdviseHolder::EnumAdvise; it must increase the reference count on the pointer it returns. It is the caller's responsibility to call IUnknown::Release when it is done with the pointer.

Return Values


Enumerator returned successfully.


Enumerator could not be returned.


EnumAdvise is not implemented.


While an enumeration is in progress; the effect of registering or revoking advisory connections on what is to be enumerated is undefined. The returned enumerator is of type IEnumSTATDATA. It enumerates items of type STATDATA; which are defined as follows:

typedef struct tagSTATDATA {

FORMATETC Formatetc;

DWORD grfAdvf;

IAdviseSink * pAdvise;

DWORD dwConnection;


See Also

IOleAdviseHolder::Advise, IOleAdviseHolder::UnAdvise, IOleObject::EnumAdvise

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