The IRootStorage interface contains a single method that switches a storage object to a different underlying file and saves the storage object to that file. The save operation occurs even with low memory conditions and uncommitted changes to the storage object. A subsequent call to IStorage::Commit is guaranteed to not consume any additional memory.

When to Implement

Storage objects that are based on a file should implement IRootStorage in addition to the IStorage interface. For storage objects that are not file-based, this interface is not necessary.

OLE provides an implementation of a storage object, including the IRootStorage interface, as part of its compound file implementation.

When to Use

The primary use for the IRootStorage interface is to save a storage object to a file during low memory conditions. Typically, the container application calls the IRootStorage interface to switch to a new file.

You can call IStorage::QueryInterface with IID_IRootStorage to obtain a pointer to the IRootStorage interface.

Methods in Vtable Order

IUnknown Methods
Returns pointers to supported interfaces.
Increments the reference count.
Decrements the reference count.

IRootStorage Method
Copy the file underlying this root storage object, then associate this storage with the copied file.

See Also

IStorage, StgCreateDocfile

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