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Informs a recognizer that pen data input has been terminated. A recognizer must export this function.

int EndPenInputHRC( HRC hrc )



Handle to the HRC object for the recognizer.

Return Value

Returns HRCR_OK if successful; otherwise, returns one of the following negative values:

Insufficient memory.
Invalid parameter or other error.


does not instruct the recognizer to complete recognition; an application must call ProcessHRC to do that. However, an application that does not use DoDefaultPenInput must call EndPenInputHRC when it detects that input has finished. (DoDefaultPenInput calls EndPenInputHRC internally.)

The recognizer can terminate open-ended states and reduce ambiguity in searches when it knows that no more ink will arrive. For example, the recognizer can keep various options open for possible delayed strokes that can modify a character. EndPenInputHRC tells the recognizer that no more delayed strokes will arrive.

After calling EndPenInputHRC for an HRC, an application should cease adding pen input into the HRC. Some recognizers, such as the Microsoft Handwriting Recognizer (GRECO.DLL), do not accept late pen input. If the application calls AddPenInputHRC after having called EndPenInputHRC for the same HRC, the Microsoft Handwriting Recognizer returns HRCR_ERROR.

Other recognizers may differ. With such recognizers, a client may continue to add pen input without error into a recognition context, even after having called EndPenInputHRC. However, doing so is not efficient. In the worst case, the recognizer may be forced to reprocess all of the pen data from the beginning.

For an example of a normal termination sequence, see the code sample in GetSymbolsHRCRESULT.

See Also

, DoDefaultPenInput

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