HPENDATA Memory Block

The internal structure of the HPENDATA memory block has changed since ver-sion 1.0. As described in "Data Within an HPENDATA Object" in Chapter 4, the stroke header no longer incorporates a STROKEINFO structure. However, to maintain compatibility with version 1.0, the GetPenDataStroke function provides a copy of a STROKEINFO structure for the requested data points.

Since the HPENDATA format may again change in future versions, applications should avoid attempting to read the memory block directly and instead rely on the appropriate HPENDATA functions described in Chapter 4, "The Inking Process."

The PENINFO structure in the block's HPENDATAHEADER has also changed since version 1.0. PENINFO contains a new member, fuOEM, that indicates the type of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) data the HPENDATA object contains.

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