Step 6: PE_BEGINDATA Message

When pen activity destined for a particular target begins, the target first receives a PE_BEGINDATA message. This message provides the target a way to inform DoDefaultPenInput what to do with the data. If DefWindowProc handles this message, it assigns the pen data to a default HRC object and uses the system recognizer for recognition. (For more information about the system default recognizer, see "Recognizer" and "Creating the HRC.") Alternatively, the target can attach its own HRC for recognition, an HPENDATA to store the data, or a private object of some kind associated with the target.

To govern recognition, an application should handle PE_BEGINDATA, create and configure its own HRC object, and identify the object with the dwData member of the TARGET structure pointed to by the message's lParam. The application calls the CreateCompatibleHRC function to create the HRC object and set its context. This forces the system to use the new HRC. For more information about HRC and how to create one with CreateCompatibleHRC, see "The HRC Object."

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