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Obtaining and Setting the Video Format, Obtaining and Setting Timer Resolution, Obtaining Information About Compressors and Decompressors, Obtaining MCI System Information, Obtaining the Address of a Virtual Function Table, Obtaining the Capabilities of a Capture Driver, Obtaining the Status of a Capture Window, Obtaining the System Time, open, OpenDriver, Opening a Compound Device by Using the Filename, Opening a Device, Opening a File with mmioOpen, Opening a Simple Device by Using the Device Name, Opening a Simple Device by Using the Device-Type Constant, Opening an AVI File, Opening and Closing Audio Device Drivers, Opening and Closing Device Drivers, Opening and Closing Files, Opening and Closing Mixer Devices, Opening and Closing Streams, Opening MIDI Input Devices, Opening MIDI Output Devices, Opening Multiple AVI Files, Opening Streams in an AVI File and Closing the File, Opening the Playback Window

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