The BINDSPEED enumeration values indicate approximately how long the caller will wait to bind to an object. Callers of the IOleItemContainer::GetObject method specify values from this enumeration, and implementors of that method use these values as a guideline for how quickly they must complete their operation.

The BINDSPEED enumeration is defined in OLEIDL.IDL.

typedef enum tagBINDSPEED



Indicates that there is no time limit on the binding operation.


Indicates that the IOleItemContainer::GetObject operation must be completed in a moderate amount of time. If this flag is specified, the implementation of IOleItemContainer::GetObject should return MK_E_EXCEEEDEDDEADLINE unless the object is one of the following:

  • Already in the running state

  • A pseudo-object (i.e., an object internal to the item container, such as a cell-range in a spreadsheet or a character-range in a word processor).

  • An object supported by an in-process server (so it is always in the running state when it is loaded). In this case, IOleItemContainer::GetObject should load the designated object, and, if the OleIsRunning API function indicates that the object is running, return successfully.


Indicates that the caller will wait only a short time. In this case, IOleItemContainer::GetObject should return MK_E_EXCEEEDEDDEADLINE unless the object is already in the running state or is a pseudo-object.


The system-supplied item moniker implementation is the primary caller of IOleItemContainer::GetObject. The BINDSPEED value that it specifies depends on the deadline specified by the caller of the moniker operation.

The deadline is stored in the dwTickCountDeadline field of the BIND_OPTS structure in the bind context passed to the moniker operation. This value is based on the return value of the GetTickCount API function. If dwTickCountDeadline is zero, indicating no deadline, the item moniker implementation specifies BINDSPEED_INDEFINITE. (This is the default dwTickCountDeadline value for a bind context returned by the CreateBindCtx API function.) If the difference between dwTickCountDeadline and the value returned by the GetTickCount API function is greater than 2500, the item moniker implementation specifies BINDSPEED_MODERATE. If the difference is less than 2500, the item moniker implementation specifies BINDSPEED_IMMEDIATE.

Implementations of IOleItemContainer::GetObject can use the BINDSPEED value as a shortcut approximation of the binding deadline, or they can use the IBindCtx instance parameter to determine the exact deadline.

See Also

BIND_OPTS, IBindCtx::GetBindOptions, IOleItemContainer::GetObject

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