Freezes a certain aspect of the object's presentation so that it does not change until the IViewObject::Unfreeze method is called. The most common use of this method is for banded printing.


DWORD dwAspect,
//Specifies how the object is to be represented
LONG lindex,
//Specifies the part of the object to draw
void * pvAspect,
//Always NULL
DWORD * pdwFreeze
//Points to location containing an identifier to be used in a subsequent call to Unfreeze



[in]Specifies how the object is to be represented. Representations include content, an icon, a thumbnail, or a printed document. Valid values are taken from the enumeration DVASPECT. See the DVASPECT enumeration for more information.


[in]Indicates the portion of the object that is of interest for the draw operation. Its interpretation varies with dwAspect. See the DVASPECT enumeration for more information.


[in]Provides more information about the view of the object specified in dwAspect. Since none of the current aspects support additional information; pvAspect must always be NULL.


[out]Points to location where an identifying key is returned. This unique key is later used to cancel the freeze by calling IViewObject::Unfreeze. This key is an index that the default cache uses to keep track of which object is frozen.

Return Values


The presentation was successfully frozen.


Presentation has already been frozen. The value of pdwFreeze is the identifying key of the already frozen object.


Presentation not in cache.


Invalid value for lindex; currently; only -1 is supported.


Invalid value for dwAspect.


The IViewObject::Freeze method causes the view object to freeze its drawn representation until a subsequent call to IViewObject::Unfreeze releases it. After calling IViewObject::Freeze; successive calls to IViewObject::Draw with the same parameters produce the same picture until IViewObject::Unfreeze is called.

IViewObject::Freeze is not part of the persistent state of the object and does not continue across unloads and reloads of the object.

The most common use of this method is for banded printing.

While in a frozen state; view notifications are not sent. Pending view notifications are deferred to the subsequent call to IViewObject::Unfreeze.

See Also

DVASPECT, IViewObject::Unfreeze

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