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On this site we will try to gather most useful technical manuals and references in most convinient and readable form.

Online HLP-files Most useful WinAPI programmer's references in most convenient format.
Win32 Programmer's Reference (win32.hlp)
Win32 Multimedia Programmer's Reference (mmedia.hlp)
OLE Programmer's Reference (ole.hlp)
Pen API Programmer's Reference (penapi.hlp)
Sockets 2 Reference (sock2.hlp)
Telephony API Programmer's Reference (tapi.hlp)
man Unix Manual (or simply "man") is the one of the oldest forms of electronic reference systems. First man pages were written in 1971. Despite that, it is still popular, and there are man pages for almost every *nix application. We tried to make them available in most comfortable form - on a web site.  More »
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