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A Call Without an Owner, Accepting and Answering Calls, ACD Agent Monitoring and Control, Address Configurations, Address Formats, Address Translation, Addresses and Address Identifiers, Addresses to Lines Assignments, Address-Related Functions and Messages, An Unknown Application Is Running, Application Message Notification Mechanisms, Application Notifications, Application Priority, Assisted Telephony Constants, Assisted Telephony Functions, Assisted Telephony Messages, Assisted Telephony Overview, Assisted Telephony Requests, Assisted Telephony Services Functions, Assisted Telephony, Asynchronous Functions, Auto-Answer by the Service Provider


Basic Telephony Services Functions, Basic Telephony Services, Bearer Mode and Rate, Bit-Flag Data Constants


Call Accept, Reject, and Redirect, Call Center Control, Call Completion, Call Conference, Call Control, Call Data, Call Forwarding, Call Handle Manipulation, Call Handles, Call Handoffs, Call Hold, Call Monitoring, Call Operations, Call Ownership, Call Park, Call Pickup, Call Queues and Route Points, Call Requests, Call State Definitions, Call State Timer, Call States and Events, Call Transfer, Calling Card Information, Calls, Canonical Addresses, Changes in the Status of a Line Device, Closing Line Devices, Closing Lines, Closing the Phone Device, comm/datamodem/portname, comm/datamodem, comm, Communication Between Applications, Constants, Control of the Media Stream


Data Areas, Deallocating a Call, Deallocating Call Handles, Definitions, Delayed Dialing, Determining Initial Media Modes, Determining the Call Type (Media Mode), Device Classes in TAPI, Device Classes, Device IDs, Dialable Addresses, Dialing the Call, Digit Gathering, Digit Monitoring, Directed Handoffs, Display, Document Conventions for TAPI Programmer's Reference, Document Overview, Dropping Calls, Duties of the Media Application, Duties of the Service Provider, Duties of the TAPI Dynamic-Link Library


Ending the Call, Establishing a Call, Establishing a Link, Event Routing, Event-Driven Environment, Example Illustrating the Programming Model, Exiting Telephony, Extended Line Functions, Extended Telephony Phone Functions, Extended Telephony Services Functions, Extended Telephony Services, Extending Data Structures and Types, Extensibility


Formatted Error Messages, Functions and Messages, Functions with Unicode (W) Versions, Functions without Unicode Versions, Functions


Generating Inband Digits and Tones


Handling Incoming Calls, Hookswitch Devices


Incoming Calls and Line Privileges, Information Returned by Functions, Initialization and Shutdown in TAPI, Initialization and Shutdown, Initializing TAPI, ISDN Subaddresses


Known Media Mode


Lamps, Learning About Existing Calls at Application Startup, Legal Information, Line Device Constants, Line Device Functions, Line Device Messages, Line Device Structures, Line Devices Overview, Line Services, LINE_ADDRESSSTATE, LINE_AGENTSPECIFIC, LINE_AGENTSTATUS, LINE_APPNEWCALL, LINE_CALLINFO, LINE_CALLSTATE, LINE_CLOSE, LINE_CREATE, LINE_DEVSPECIFIC, LINE_DEVSPECIFICFEATURE, LINE_GATHERDIGITS, LINE_GENERATE, LINE_LINEDEVSTATE, LINE_MONITORDIGITS, LINE_MONITORMEDIA, LINE_MONITORTONE, LINE_PROXYREQUEST, LINE_REMOVE, LINE_REPLY, LINE_REQUEST, lineAccept, lineAddProvider, LINEADDRCAPFLAGS_ Constants, LINEADDRESSCAPS, LINEADDRESSMODE_ Constants, LINEADDRESSSHARING_ Constants, LINEADDRESSSTATE_ Constants, LINEADDRESSSTATUS, LINEADDRFEATURE_ Constants, lineAddToConference, LINEAGENTACTIVITYENTRY, LINEAGENTACTIVITYLIST, LINEAGENTCAPS, LINEAGENTFEATURE_ Constants, LINEAGENTGROUPENTRY, LINEAGENTGROUPLIST, lineAgentSpecific, LINEAGENTSTATE_ Constants, LINEAGENTSTATUS_ Constants, LINEAGENTSTATUS, lineAnswer, LINEANSWERMODE_ Constants, LINEAPPINFO, LINEBEARERMODE_ Constants, lineBlindTransfer, LINEBUSYMODE_ Constants, lineCallbackFunc, LINECALLCOMPLCOND_ Constants, LINECALLCOMPLMODE_ Constants, LINECALLFEATURE_ Constants, LINECALLFEATURE2_ Constants, LINECALLINFO, LINECALLINFOSTATE_ Constants, LINECALLLIST, LINECALLORIGIN_ Constants, LINECALLPARAMFLAGS_ Constants, LINECALLPARAMS, LINECALLPARTYID_ Constants, LINECALLPRIVILEGE_ Constants, LINECALLREASON_ Constants, LINECALLSELECT_ Constants, LINECALLSTATE_ Constants, LINECALLSTATUS, LINECALLTREATMENT_ Constants, LINECALLTREATMENTENTRY, LINECARDENTRY, LINECARDOPTION_ Constants, lineClose, lineCompleteCall, lineCompleteTransfer, lineConfigDialog, lineConfigDialogEdit, lineConfigProvider, LINECONNECTEDMODE_ Constants, LINECOUNTRYENTRY, LINECOUNTRYLIST, lineDeallocateCall, LINEDEVCAPFLAGS_ Constants, LINEDEVCAPS, lineDevSpecific, lineDevSpecificFeature, LINEDEVSTATE_ Constants, LINEDEVSTATUS, LINEDEVSTATUSFLAGS_ Constants, lineDial, LINEDIALPARAMS, LINEDIALTONEMODE_ Constants, LINEDIGITMODE_ Constants, LINEDISCONNECTMODE_ Constants, lineDrop, LINEERR_ Constants, LINEEXTENSIONID, LINEFEATURE_ Constants, lineForward, LINEFORWARD, LINEFORWARDLIST, LINEFORWARDMODE_ Constants, lineGatherDigits, LINEGATHERTERM_ Constants, lineGenerateDigits, LINEGENERATETERM_ Constants, lineGenerateTone, LINEGENERATETONE, lineGetAddressCaps, lineGetAddressID, lineGetAddressStatus, lineGetAgentActivityList, lineGetAgentCaps, lineGetAgentGroupList, lineGetAgentStatus, lineGetAppPriority, lineGetCallInfo, lineGetCallStatus, lineGetConfRelatedCalls, lineGetCountry, lineGetDevCaps, lineGetDevConfig, lineGetIcon, lineGetID, lineGetLineDevStatus, lineGetMessage, lineGetNewCalls, lineGetNumRings, lineGetProviderList, lineGetRequest, lineGetStatusMessages, lineGetTranslateCaps, lineHandoff, lineHold, lineInitialize, lineInitializeEx, LINEINITIALIZEEXOPTION_ Constants, LINEINITIALIZEEXPARAMS, LINELOCATIONENTRY, LINELOCATIONOPTION_ Constants, lineMakeCall, LINEMEDIACONTROL_ Constants, LINEMEDIACONTROLCALLSTATE, LINEMEDIACONTROLDIGIT, LINEMEDIACONTROLMEDIA, LINEMEDIACONTROLTONE, LINEMEDIAMODE_ Constants, LINEMESSAGE, lineMonitorDigits, lineMonitorMedia, LINEMONITORTONE, lineMonitorTones, lineNegotiateAPIVersion, lineNegotiateExtVersion, LINEOFFERINGMODE_ Constants, lineOpen, LINEOPENOPTION_ Constants, linePark, LINEPARKMODE_ Constants, linePickup, linePrepareAddToConference, LINEPROVIDERENTRY, LINEPROVIDERLIST, lineProxyMessage, LINEPROXYREQUEST_ Constants, LINEPROXYREQUEST, lineProxyResponse, lineRedirect, lineRegisterRequestRecipient, lineReleaseUserUserInfo, LINEREMOVEFROMCONF_ Constants, lineRemoveFromConference, lineRemoveProvider, LINEREQMAKECALL, LINEREQUESTMODE_ Constants, LINEROAMMODE_ Constants, Lines, Channels, and Addresses, lineSecureCall, lineSendUserUserInfo, lineSetAgentActivity, lineSetAgentGroup, lineSetAgentState, lineSetAppPriority, lineSetAppSpecific, lineSetCallData, lineSetCallParams, lineSetCallPrivilege, lineSetCallQualityOfService, lineSetCallTreatment, lineSetCurrentLocation, lineSetDevConfig, lineSetLineDevStatus, lineSetMediaControl, lineSetMediaMode, lineSetNumRings, lineSetStatusMessages, lineSetTerminal, lineSetTollList, lineSetupConference, lineSetupTransfer, lineShutdown, LINESPECIALINFO_ Constants, lineSwapHold, LINETERMCAPS, LINETERMDEV_ Constants, LINETERMMODE_ Constants, LINETERMSHARING_ Constants, LINETOLLLISTOPTION_ Constants, LINETONEMODE_ Constants, LINETRANSFERMODE_ Constants, lineTranslateAddress, LINETRANSLATECAPS, lineTranslateDialog, LINETRANSLATEOPTION_ Constants, LINETRANSLATEOUTPUT, LINETRANSLATERESULT_ Constants, LINETSPIOPTION_ Constants, lineUncompleteCall, lineUnhold, lineUnpark, Logging Call Information, Logging Calls


Media Access, Media Control, Media Event Timers, Media Mode Handoffs, Media Mode Updating, Media Monitoring, Media Stream, Memory Allocation, Messages, midi/in, midi/out, Modeling of a Call Center, Modes of Operation: Functional and Stimulus, Multiple Addresses on a Single Channel, Multiple-Application Programming


ndis, New TAPI Functions, Messages, Structures, and Constants for Version 2.0, No Unknown Application is Running, Notes on Request Recipient Operations


Obtaining a Line, Obtaining Call State Information, Only One Media Mode Bit Is Set, Opening and Closing Phone Devices, Opening Lines, Operating Modes and Privileges, Overviews


Passthrough Mode, Phone Buttons, Phone Device Constants, Phone Device Functions, Phone Device Messages, Phone Device Structures, Phone Devices Overview, Phone Services, PHONE_BUTTON, PHONE_CLOSE, PHONE_CREATE, PHONE_DEVSPECIFIC, PHONE_REMOVE, PHONE_REPLY, PHONE_STATE, PHONEBUTTONFUNCTION_ Constants, PHONEBUTTONINFO, PHONEBUTTONMODE_ Constants, PHONEBUTTONSTATE_ Constants, phoneCallbackFunc, PHONECAPS, phoneClose, phoneConfigDialog, phoneDevSpecific, PHONEERR_ Constants, PHONEEXTENSIONID, PHONEFEATURE_ Constants, phoneGetButtonInfo, phoneGetData, phoneGetDevCaps, phoneGetDisplay, phoneGetGain, phoneGetHookSwitch, phoneGetIcon, phoneGetID, phoneGetLamp, phoneGetMessage, phoneGetRing, phoneGetStatus, phoneGetStatusMessages, phoneGetVolume, PHONEHOOKSWITCHDEV_ Constants, PHONEHOOKSWITCHMODE_ Constants, phoneInitialize, phoneInitializeEx, PHONEINITIALIZEEXOPTION_ Constants, PHONEINITIALIZEEXPARAMS, PHONELAMPMODE_ Constants, PHONEMESSAGE, phoneNegotiateAPIVersion, phoneNegotiateExtVersion, phoneOpen, PHONEPRIVILEGE_ Constants, phoneSetButtonInfo, phoneSetData, phoneSetDisplay, phoneSetGain, phoneSetHookSwitch, phoneSetLamp, phoneSetRing, phoneSetStatusMessages, phoneSetVolume, phoneShutdown, PHONESTATE_ Constants, PHONESTATUS, PHONESTATUSFLAGS_ Constants, Physical Connections, Placing the Call, Predictive Dialing, Processing Assisted Telephony Requests


Quality of Service, Quick Function Reference


Receiving Calls, Receiving Incoming Calls, Receiving Information, Reclaiming Memory Resources, Reference, Related Documentation on Telephony Services, Relinquishing a Call, Removing a Party, Request Recipients, Requesting Call Privileges, Ring


Scalar Data Constants, Securing a Call, Selecting One or More Lines, Sending Data, Service Dependencies, Service Levels, Setting a Terminal for Phone Conversations, Sources of Log Information, Special Cases in TAPI, Special Hardware, Specifying Media Modes, Station Status Control, Stations, Status, Storing Numbers in Electronic Address Books, STRINGFORMAT_ Constants, Structures, Supplementary Line Functions, Supplementary Telephony Services Functions, Supplementary Telephony Services, Synchronous Functions, Synchronous/Asynchronous Operation


Taking Ownership of a Call, TAPI Applications, TAPI Error Values, tapi/line, tapi/phone, tapi/terminal, TAPI_REPLY, tapiGetLocationInfo, tapiRequestDrop, tapiRequestMakeCall, tapiRequestMediaCall, Telephone Network Services, Telephony API, Telephony Components, Telephony Overview, The Call is Answered Elsewhere, The Meaning of SUCCESS, The Phone Device, The Telephony Programming Model, The UNKNOWN Bit Is Set, Toll Lists, Tone Monitoring, Tracking Asynchronous Requests


Unicode Support, Unknown Media Mode, Using Assisted Telephony, Using lineOpen, Using Media Priorities While Probing, Using Multiple Addresses Simultaneously, Using Telephony in Applications, Using the LINECALLINFO Data Structure, Using the TAPI Programmer's Reference


Variably Sized Data Structures, VARSTRING, Version Negotiation, Version Parameters


Waiting a Minimum Number of Rings, wave/in, wave/out, What is a Line Device?, What's New for TAPI Version 2.0,

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