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accept, AcceptEx, Additional Documentation, Additional Windows Socket Information, AFPROTOCOLS, Asynchronous Notification Using Event Objects, ATM Point to Multipoint, Attributes in WSAPROTOCOL_INFO struct


Backward Compatibility For Windows Sockets 1.1 Applications, Basic Approach for getxbyy, bind, Byte Ordering


closesocket, connect, Conventions for New Functions, CSADDR_INFO


Debug and Trace Facilities, Default state for a socket's overlapped attribute, Default Values, Deviation from Berkeley Sockets


Enhanced Functionality During Connection Setup and Teardown, EnumProtocols, Error codes - errno, h_errno & WSAGetLastError, Error Codes, Event Objects, Extended Byte Order Conversion Routines


fd_set, Flowspec, Function Extension Mechanism


GetAcceptExSockaddrs, GetAddressByName, gethostbyaddr, gethostbyname, gethostname, GetNameByType, getpeername, getprotobyname, getprotobynumber, getservbyname, getservbyport, GetService, getsockname, getsockopt, GetTypeByName, Graceful shutdown, linger options and socket closure, Guarantee


hostent, How existing multipoint protocols support these extensions, htonl, htons


Include files, inet_addr, inet_ntoa, ioctlsocket, IP multicast


Layered Protocols and Protocol Chains, Legal Information, listen


Making Transport Protocols Available To Windows Sockets, Maximum number of sockets supported, Microsoft Extensions and Windows Sockets 2, Microsoft Windows-specific Extension Functions, Multiple Provider Restrictions on select, Multipoint and Multicast Semantics, Multipoint Taxonomy


Name Resolution Data Structures, Name Resolution Model, Name Resolution, New Concepts, Additions and Changes for Windows Sockets 2, ntohl, ntohs


Out-Of-Band data, Overlapped I/O and Event Objects, Overview of Windows Sockets 2


Pointers, Protocol-Independent Multicast and Multipoint, Protocol-Independent Name Resolution


QOS Templates, Quality of Service, QualityOfService


Raw Sockets, Receiving Completion Indications, recv, recvfrom, Registration and Name Resolution, Renamed functions, Return values on function failure


select and FD_*, select, Semantic differences between multipoint sockets and regular sockets, Semantics for joining multipoint leaves, send, sendto, SetService, setsockopt, Shared Sockets, shutdown, Simultaneous Access to Multiple Transport Protocols, sockaddr, Socket Data Type, Socket Functions, Socket Groups, Socket Handles for Windows Sockets 2, SOCKET_ADDRESS, socket, Summary of Name Resolution Functions, Summary of New Functions, Summary of New Socket Ioctl Opcodes, Summary of New Socket Options, Summary of Windows Sockets 2 Functions, Support for Scatter/Gather I/O


The gethostbyaddr function, The gethostbyname function, The gethostname function, The getprotobyname and getprotobynumber functions, The getservbyname and getservbyport functions, TransmitFile


Using Multiple Protocols, Using This Document


Welcome To Windows Sockets 2, Windows Sockets 1.1 Blocking routines & EINPROGRESS, Windows Sockets 1.1 Compatibile Name Resolution for TCP/IP, Windows Sockets 2 Architecture, Windows Sockets 2 Features, Windows Sockets 2 Header File - WINSOCK2.H, Windows Sockets Compatibility Issues, Windows Sockets Programming Considerations, WinSock 2 Interface Elements for Multipoint and Multicast, WSAAccept, WSAAddressToString, WSAAsyncGetHostByAddr, WSAAsyncGetHostByName, WSAAsyncGetProtoByName, WSAAsyncGetProtoByNumber, WSAAsyncGetServByName, WSAAsyncGetServByPort, WSAAsyncSelect, WSABUF, WSACancelAsyncRequest, WSACancelBlockingCall, WSACleanup, WSACloseEvent, WSAConnect, WSACreateEvent, WSAData, WSADuplicateSocket, WSAEcomparator, WSAEnumNameSpaceProviders, WSAEnumNetworkEvents, WSAEnumProtocols, WSAEventSelect, WSAGetLastError, WSAGetOverlappedResult, WSAGetQOSByName, WSAGetServiceClassInfo, WSAGetServiceClassNameByServiceClassId, WSAHtonl, WSAHtons, WSAInstallServiceClass, WSAIoctl, WSAIsBlocking, WSAJoinLeaf, WSALookupServiceBegin, WSALookupServiceEnd, WSALookupServiceNext, WSANAMESPACE_INFO, WSANtohl, WSANtohs, WSAOVERLAPPED, WSAPROTOCOL_INFO, WSAPROTOCOLCHAIN, WSAQuerySet, WSARecv, WSARecvDisconnect, WSARecvEx, WSARecvFrom, WSARemoveServiceClass, WSAResetEvent, WSASend, WSASendDisconnect, WSASendTo, WSAServiceClassInfo, WSASetBlockingHook, WSASetEvent, WSASetLastError, WSASetService, WSASocket, WSAStartup, WSAStringToAddress, WSAUnhookBlockingHook, WSAWaitForMultipleEvents

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