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C++ and OLE Programming Concepts, Callback Functions, Canceling a Timer Event, capability, capCaptureAbort, capCaptureGetSetup, capCaptureSequence, capCaptureSequenceNoFile, capCaptureSetSetup, capCaptureSingleFrame, capCaptureSingleFrameClose, capCaptureSingleFrameOpen, capCaptureStop, capControlCallback, capCreateCaptureWindow, capDlgVideoCompression, capDlgVideoDisplay, capDlgVideoFormat, capDlgVideoSource, CAPDRIVERCAPS, capDriverConnect, capDriverDisconnect, capDriverGetCaps, capDriverGetName, capDriverGetVersion, capEditCopy, capErrorCallback, capFileAlloc, capFileGetCaptureFile, capFileSaveAs, capFileSaveDIB, capFileSetCaptureFile, capFileSetInfoChunk, capGetAudioFormat, capGetAudioFormatSize, capGetDriverDescription, capGetMCIDeviceName, capGetStatus, capGetUserData, capGetVideoFormat, capGetVideoFormatSize, capGrabFrame, capGrabFrameNoStop, CAPINFOCHUNK, capOverlay, capPaletteAuto, capPaletteManual, capPaletteOpen, capPalettePaste, capPaletteSave, capPreview, capPreviewRate, capPreviewScale, capSetAudioFormat, capSetCallbackOnCapControl, capSetCallbackOnError, capSetCallbackOnFrame, capSetCallbackOnStatus, capSetCallbackOnVideoStream, capSetCallbackOnWaveStream, capSetCallbackOnYield, capSetMCIDeviceName, capSetScrollPos, capSetUserData, capSetVideoFormat, CAPSTATUS, capStatusCallback, Capture and Audio Drivers, Capture Driver Capabilities, Capture File and Buffers, Capture Filename, Capture Rate, Capture Variations, Capture Window Status, Capture Windows, Capture Without Using Disk Storage, capture, CAPTUREPARMS, Capturing Data, Capturing Joystick Input, capVideoStreamCallback, capWaveStreamCallback, capYieldCallback, CD Audio Command Set, Changing a Video Capture Setting, Changing Internal MIDI Synthesizer Volume, Changing Sequencer Synchronization, Changing the Current Position, Changing the I/O Buffer Size, Changing the Playback State, Changing the Volume of Auxiliary Audio-Devices, Classes, Objects, and Interfaces, Classifications of MCI Commands, close, CloseDriver, Closing a Device, Closing All MCI Devices Used by an Application, Command Messages, Command Shortcuts and Variations, Command Strings, Communicating with MCI Devices, Communication with MCI Devices, Compressing Data, Compressor and Decompressor Basics, Compressor and Decompressor Configuration, Compressor and Decompressor Installation and Removal, COMPVARS, Configuration, configure, Configuring an Installable Driver, Configuring Compressors and Decompressors, Connecting a Capture Window to a Capture Driver, Connecting to a Capture Driver, Constants: Device Types, Control Types, Converting Data from One Format to Another, Converting Strings, copy, CreateEditableStream, Creating a Capture Window, Creating a DriverProc Function, Creating a File from Existing Streams, Creating a File or Stream Handler, Creating a File-Handler Instance in a DLL, Creating a Frame Callback Function, Creating a RIFF Chunk, Creating a Status Callback Function, Creating a Virtual Function Table for a Stream Handler, Creating an AVICap Capture Window, Creating an Error Callback Function, Creating an MCIWnd Window, Creating an Object Pointer, Creating and Deleting a File, Creating MIDI Files, Creating Temporary Streams, Cropping an Image, cue, Custom File and Stream Handler Functions, Custom File and Stream Handler Interfaces, Custom File and Stream Handler Reference, Custom File and Stream Handlers, Custom Services, Customizing the Recording Process, cut

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