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save, Saving Captured Data to a New File, Saving Recorded Content, Searching for a RIFF Chunk, Searching for a Subchunk, seek, Seeking to a New Position in a File, SendDriverMessage, Sending a Command, Sending Command Messages, Sending Command Strings, Sending Individual MIDI Messages, Sending MIDI Messages with Stream Buffers, Sending System-Exclusive Messages, Sequence Compression, Sequencer Errors, Sequences of Images, set, setaudio, settimecode, Setting the Time Format, Setting the Time Format, Setting Up the Playback Window, settuner, setvideo, Sharing an I/O Procedure with Other Applications, signal, Single-Image Compression, Single-Image Decompression, Sliders, sndAlias, sndPlaySound, Specifying Time Formats, spin, Standard MIDI Key Assignments, Standard MIDI Patch Assignments, Starting a Single Timer Event, Starting, Pausing, and Resuming Playback, Status Callback Functions, status, step, Still-Image Capture, stop, Stopping, Pausing, and Resuming a Device, Stream Buffer Format, Stream Buffers, Stream Operations, Streaming Capture from an MCI Device, Stretching an Image and Window, Stretching an Image, Summary of Maps and MIDI Messages, Switches, Syntax of Command Messages, Syntax of Command Strings, sysinfo, System Entries for Compressors, Decompressors, and Renderers

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