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packet, PCM_ Pen Collection Mode, PCMINFO, PDC_ Pen Device Capabilities, PDEVENT, PDK_ State Bits for Pen Driver Kit, PDT_ OEM-Specific Data, PDTS_ Pen Data Scaling, PDTT_ Pen Data Trimming, PE_BEGINDATA, PE_BEGININPUT, PE_BUFFERWARNING, PE_ENDDATA, PE_ENDINPUT, PE_GETINKINGINFO, PE_GETPCMINFO, PE_MOREDATA, PE_PENDOWN, PE_PENMOVE, PE_PENUP, PE_RESULT, PE_SETTARGETS, PE_TERMINATED, PE_TERMINATING, PeekPenInput, Pen API Constants, Pen API Constants, Pen API Functions, Pen API Functions, Pen API Messages, Pen API Structures, Pen API Structures, Pen Application Programming Interface Constants, Pen Application Programming Interface Functions, Pen Application Programming Interface Structures, pen collection mode, Pen Driver Messages, Pen Driver Return Values, Pen Driver, Pen Edit Controls, Pen Kernel Functions, pen packet, pen state, pen tip transition, Pen-Aware Applications, PenDataFromBuffer, PENDATAHEADER, PenDataToBuffer, pen-down stroke, PENINFO, PENPACKET, PENTIP, Pen-Unaware Applications, Pen-Unaware Applications, pen-up stroke, PMI_ Pen Miscellaneous Information, PostVirtualKeyEvent, PostVirtualMouseEvent, Printing an Edit Control, ProcessHRC, Processing Raw Data, Processing the Data, Processing, ProcessWriting, Programmer's Guide to Pen Services for Microsoft Windows 95 (Addendum), Provide Ample Target Space, Provide Easy Access to the On-screen Keyboard, proximity stroke

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