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Halftone Palette and Color Adjustment, Handle Functions, Handle Inheritance, Handle Limitations, HANDLE_INFO_1, HANDLE_WM_NOTIFY, Handler, HandlerRoutine, Handles and Objects Functions, Handles and Objects, HANDLETABLE, Handling Logoff Events, Handling RAS Errors, Hashes and Digital Signatures, Hashing Algorithm Support, Hashing and Digital Signature Functions Summary, Hashing and Signature Algorithms, Hashing Session Keys, HasOverlappedIoCompleted, Hatch Brush, Hatch, HCRYPTHASH, HCRYPTKEY, HCRYPTPROV, HD_HITTESTINFO, HD_ITEM, HD_LAYOUT, HD_NOTIFY, HDM_DELETEITEM, HDM_GETITEM, HDM_GETITEMCOUNT, HDM_HITTEST, HDM_INSERTITEM, HDM_LAYOUT, HDM_SETITEM, HDN_BEGINTRACK, HDN_DIVIDERDBLCLICK, HDN_ENDTRACK, HDN_ITEMCHANGED, HDN_ITEMCHANGING, HDN_ITEMCLICK, HDN_ITEMDBLCLICK, HDN_TRACK, Header Control Messages, Header Control Notification Messages, Header Control Reference, Header Control Size and Position, Header Control Structures, Header Control Styles, Header Controls, Header_DeleteItem, Header_GetItem, Header_GetItemCount, Header_InsertItem, Header_Layout, Header_SetItem, Heap Functions, HeapAlloc, HeapCompact, HeapCreate, HeapDestroy, HeapFree, HeapLock, HeapReAlloc, HeapSize, HeapUnlock, HeapValidate, HeapWalk, Help Button, Help Display and Windows Help, Help Files, Help from the Keyboard, Help from the Mouse, Help Functions, Help Identifier, Help Menu, Help Messages, Help Reference, Help Requests, Help Structures, Help Support, Help Topics Dialog Box, Help, HELPINFO, HELPMSGSTRING, HELPWININFO, HIBYTE, HideCaret, Hiding a Caret, HIGHCONTRAST, High-Level Console I/O, High-Level Console Input and Output Functions, High-Level Console Modes, Highlighted Menu Items, High-Resolution Timer, HiliteMenuItem, Hit Testing, HIWORD, HKM_GETHOTKEY, HKM_SETHOTKEY, HKM_SETRULES, Hook Chains, Hook Functions, Hook Messages, Hook Procedures for Common Dialog Boxes, Hook Procedures, Hook Reference, Hook Structures, Hook Types, Hooks, Host Names and IP Addresses, Hot Keys, Hot-Key Control Creation, Hot-Key Control Messages, Hot-Key Controls, Hot-Key Support, Hour, Minute, and Second Format Pictures, How Digital Signatures Work, How SNMP Works, How the Shell Accesses Shell Extension Handlers, How to Create a New Computer Account, How to Incorporate the LSAPI in an Application, How to Log Off the Current User, How to Look Up a User's Full Name, How to Shut Down the System, How Windows Locates a Class, HSZPAIR, HW_PROFILE_INFO

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