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RawWndProc, RC, RCD_ Writing Direction, RCD_ Writing Direction, RCO_ Recognition Options, RCOR_ Tablet Orientation, RCP_ User Preferences, RCP_ User Preferences, RCRESULT, RCRT_ Results Type, RCRT_ Results Type, ReadHWL, Real Time Is Better Than Deferred Time, real time, REC_ Recognition Functions, recognition function, Recognition Functions, Recognition Processing, Recognition: Use and Misuse, Recognition: Use and Misuse, Recognition, Recognize, RecognizeData, Recognizer Objects, Recognizer, recognizer, RECTOFS, RedisplayPenData, reentrancy, RegisterPenApp, Registry Configuration, RemovePenDataStrokes, ResizePenData, Results Messages, ResultsHookHREC, Returning Results, reversible compression

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