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sampling rate, Scaling Pen Data, Screen Keyboard, Segmentation of Symbols, Selecting Is Better Than Writing, Selection Symbol Values, SetAlphabetHRC, SetAlphabetPriorityHRC, SetBoxAlphabetHRC, SetGlobalRC, SetGuideHRC, SetInternationalHRC, SetMaxResultsHRC, SetPenAppFlags, SetPenHook, SetPenHookCallback, SetPenMiscInfo, SetRecogHook, SetResultsHookHREC, SetStrokeAttributes, SetStrokeTableAttributes, SetWordlistCoercionHRC, SetWordlistHRC, Shape Symbol Values, Shell, ShowKeyboard, SKB, SKBINFO, Specifying an Alphabet Set, Spreadsheet, SREC Initialization Functions, SREC Recognition Functions, Starting Out with System Defaults, Starting the Chain of Events, StartInking, StartPenInput, Step 1: PE_BEGININPUT Submessage, Step 10: PE_ENDINPUT Message, Step 2: PE_SETTARGETS Submessage, Step 3: PE_GETPCMINFO Submessage, Step 4: PE_GETINKINGINFO Message, Step 5: Master PCMINFO and INKINGINFO Structures, Step 6: PE_BEGINDATA Message, Step 7: PE_MOREDATA Message, Step 8: PE_ENDDATA Message, Step 9: PE_RESULT Message, StopInking, StopPenInput, STRKFMT, Stroke Headers, Stroke Order and Direction, stroke, STROKEINFO, Summary of the Pen Application Programming Interface, SYC, SYE, SYG, symbol correspondence, symbol element, symbol value, symbol, SymbolToCharacter, System Requirements, System Symbol Values, SYV_ Symbol Values

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