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CALBSTRUCT, Chapter 1 Overview of the Pen Application Programming Interface, Chapter 10 Pen Application Programming Interface Functions, Chapter 11 Pen Application Programming Interface Structures, Chapter 12 Pen Application Programming Interface Messages, Chapter 13 Pen Application Programming Interface Constants, Chapter 2 Starting Out with System Defaults, Chapter 3 The Writing Process, Chapter 4 The Inking Process, Chapter 5 The Recognition Process, Chapter 6 Design Considerations, Chapter 7 A Sample Pen Application, Chapter 8 Writing a Recognizer, Chapter 9 Summary of the Pen Application Programming Interface, CharacterToSymbol, Circle Gesture Symbol Values, Collecting and Displaying Data, comb, CompactPenData, Compressing Pen Data, Compression Functions, CompressPenData, confidence level, ConfigHREC, ConfigRecognizer, Configuring the HRC, Conserve Power, Converting Data to Display Resolution, CorrectWriting, CorrectWritingEx, CreateCompatibleHRC, CreateCompatibleHRC, CreateHWL, CreateInkset, CreateInksetHRCRESULT, CreateInksetHRCRESULT, CreatePenData, CreatePenDataEx, CreatePenDataHRC, CreatePenDataHRC, CreatePenDataRegion, Creating an HPENDATA Object, Creating the HRC, CTLINITBEDIT, CTLINITHEDIT, CTLINITIEDIT, CWX

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