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ABC, ABCFLOAT, ABM_ACTIVATE, ABM_GETAUTOHIDEBAR, ABM_GETSTATE, ABM_GETTASKBARPOS, ABM_NEW, ABM_QUERYPOS, ABM_REMOVE, ABM_SETAUTOHIDEBAR, ABM_SETPOS, ABM_WINDOWPOSCHANGED, ABN_FULLSCREENAPP, ABN_POSCHANGED, ABN_STATECHANGE, ABN_WINDOWARRANGE, AbnormalTermination, Abort Procedure, AbortDoc, AbortPath, AbortPrinter, AbortProc, AbortSystemShutdown, About Accessibility, About Animation Controls, About Application Desktop Toolbars, About Atom Tables, About Bitmaps, About Briefcase Reconcilers, About Brushes, About Buttons, About Carets, About Character-Mode Support, About Chords, About Clipping, About Colors, About Combo Boxes, About Common Control Messages, About Common Control Notification Messages, About Common Control Styles, About Common Controls, About Common Dialog Boxes, About Communications, About Control Panel Applications, About Controls, About Coordinate Spaces and Transformations, About Cursors, About Debugging Support, About Device Contexts, About Device Input and Output, About Dialog Boxes, About Display Device Contexts, About Drag List Box Messages, About Drag List Box Notification Messages, About Drag List Boxes, About Dragging and Dropping, About Dynamic Data Exchange, About Dynamic-Link Libraries, About Edit Controls, About Ellipses, About End-User-Defined Characters, About Enhanced Metafile Records, About Errors, About Event Logging, About File Installation, About File Manager Extensions, About File Mapping, About File Parsers, About File Systems, About File Viewers, About Files, About Filled Shapes, About Fonts, About Handles and Objects, About Header Control Notification Messages, About Header Control Styles, About Header Controls, About Help, About Hooks, About Hot-Key Control Messages, About Hot-Key Controls, About Icons, About Image Color Matching, About Image Lists, About Input Method Editor, About Interprocess Communications, About Keyboard Accelerators, About Keyboard Input, About Large Integer Operations, About Lines and Curves, About List Boxes, About List View Controls, About Mailslots, About Memory Management, About Menus, About Messages and Message Queues, About Metafiles, About Mouse Input, About National Language Support, About Network DDE, About Painting and Drawing, About Paths, About Pens, About Pies, About Pipes, About Polygons, About Ported LAN Manager Functions, About Power Management, About Printing, About Processes and Threads, About Program Manager Initialization, About Progress Bars, About Property Sheets, About Raster Operation Codes, About Rectangles, About Regions, About Remote Access Service, About Resources, About Rich Edit Controls, About Screen Savers, About Scroll Bars, About Security, About Services, About Shell Extensions, About Shell Links, About SNMP, About Static Controls, About Status Windows, About String Manipulation, About Structured Exception Handling, About Synchronization, About System Information, About System Messages, About System Policies, About System Power Status, About System Shutdown, About Tab Control Styles, About Tab Controls, About Tape Backup, About Text Output, About the Clipboard, About the Data Decompression Library, About the DDEML, About the LSAPI, About the Multiple Document Interface, About the NetBIOS Interface, About the Registry, About the Shell Library, About the Shell's Namespace, About the Taskbar, About Time, About Timers, About Toolbars, About Tooltip Controls, About Trackbars, About Tree-View Control Notification Messages, About Tree-View Controls, About Unicode and Character Sets, About Up-Down Control Styles, About Up-Down Controls, About Window Classes, About Window Procedures, About Window Properties, About Window Stations and Desktops, About Windows Networking, About Windows, Absolute and Self-Relative Security Descriptors, ACCEL, Accelerator Keystroke Assignments, Accelerator Tables, Accelerators and Menus, Accelerators, Accelerator-Table Creation, AccelTableEntry, Access Functions, Access Masks and Access Rights, Access Rights to Named Pipes, Access Tokens, Access Validation, ACCESS_ALLOWED_ACE, ACCESS_DENIED_ACE, ACCESS_MASK, ACCESS_MODE, AccessCheck, AccessCheckAndAuditAlarm, Access-Control Entries (ACEs), Access-Control Lists (ACLs), Accessibility Functions, Accessibility Parameters, Accessibility Reference, Accessibility Structures, Accessibility, Accessing Files, ACCESSTIMEOUT, Access-token Objects, Accumulated Bounding Rectangle, ACE Inheritance, ACE_HEADER, ACE, ACL_INFORMATION_CLASS, ACL_REVISION_INFORMATION, ACL_SIZE_INFORMATION, ACL, ACM_OPEN, ACM_PLAY, ACM_STOP, ACN_START, ACN_STOP, AcsLan, Action Lists, ACTION_HEADER, ActivateKeyboardLayout, Active Window, ADAPTER_STATUS, AddAccessAllowedAce, AddAccessDeniedAce, AddAce, AddAtom, AddAuditAccessAce, AddFontResource, AddForm, Adding a Network Connection, Adding a Source to the Registry, Adding a Window Property, Adding a Window to the Clipboard Viewer Chain, Adding an Item to a Header Control, Adding and Deleting Taskbar Icons, Adding and Removing Images, Adding and Removing Pages, Adding Columns to a List View Control, Adding Custom Buttons, Adding Drop Source Capabilities, Adding Drop Target Capabilities, Adding Help, Adding Items to a List View Control, Adding Lines and Graphs to a Menu, Adding or Removing File Parsers, Adding or Replacing File Viewers, Adding Property Sheet Pages, Adding the Undelete Command, Adding to the Start Menu, Adding Tree-View Items, Adding, Deleting, and Replacing Resources, AddItem, ADDJOB_INFO_1, AddJob, AddMonitor, AddPort, AddPrinter, AddPrinterConnection, AddPrinterDriver, AddPrintProcessor, AddPrintProvidor, AddPropSheetPageProc, ADDRESS, Adjusting the Blink Time, AdjustTokenGroups, AdjustTokenPrivileges, AdjustWindowRect, AdjustWindowRectEx, ADMIN_OTHER_INFO, AdvancedDocumentProperties, Advantages of Dynamic Linking, Advantages of File Mapping, Advantages of Multitasking, Advantages of Using Window Properties, Advise Transaction, Alert Functions, ALG_ID, AllocateAndInitializeSid, AllocateLocallyUniqueId, Allocating a Text Buffer, AllocConsole, Allowing Access Using the Low-Level Functions, Allowing Access, Alphabetical List of Error Codes, Alternatives to Storing Session Keys, AngleArc, Animate_Close, Animate_Create, Animate_Open, Animate_Play, Animate_Seek, Animate_Stop, AnimatePalette, Animation Control Creation, Animation Control Messages and Macros, Animation Control Messages, Animation Control Notification Messages, Animation Control Reference, Animation Control Styles, Animation Controls, ANIMATIONINFO, Anonymous Pipes and IPC, Anonymous Pipes Overview, Anonymous Pipes, ANSI Code Page Identifiers, AnsiLower, AnsiLowerBuff, AnsiNext, AnsiPrev, AnsiToOem, AnsiToOemBuff, AnsiUpper, AnsiUpperBuff, Anti-Tampering Guidelines, AnyPopup, API Buffers, API Data Alignment, API_VERSION, ApiBuffer Functions, Appbar Notification Messages, Appbar Size and Position, APPBARDATA, AppendMenu, AppleTalk Object, Application Desktop Toolbars Functions, Application Desktop Toolbars Messages, Application Desktop Toolbars Notification Messages, Application Desktop Toolbars Reference, Application Desktop Toolbars Structures, Application Desktop Toolbars, Application Entry-Point Function, Application Global Classes, Application Local Classes, Application Responsibilities and Operation, Application Setup, Application Windows, Application, Topic, and Item Names, Application-Defined Mapping Modes, Application-Defined Messages, Arc, Architecture, ArcTo, AreAllAccessesGranted, AreAnyAccessesGranted, AreFileApisANSI, ArrangeIconicWindows, Arranging, Sorting, and Finding, ASCII Control Codes 0x000D and 0x000A, AsnAny, AsnObjectIdentifier, AsnOctetString, Assigning Window Properties, Assignment of Discretionary ACL, Assignment of Group, Assignment of Owner, Assignment of System ACL, Associating a Window Procedure with a Window Class, Associating Bitmaps with a Menu Item, Asynchronous Operations, Asynchronous Procedure Calls, AT_ENUM, AT_INFO, Atom Creation and Usage Count, Atom Functions, Atom Macros, Atom Reference, Atom String Formats, Atom Types, Atoms and Shared Memory Objects, Atoms, Atom-Table Queries, AttachThreadInput, Audience, Audit Functions, Audit Generation, AUDIT_ENTRY, AutoDial Connection Operations, AutoDial Mapping Database, Autohide Application Desktop Toolbars, Automatically Starting Services

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