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Mailslot Functions, Mailslot Names, Mailslot Objects, Mailslot Server Functions, Mailslots and Microsoft LAN Manager 2.x, Mailslots, Main Window Creation, MakeAbsoluteSD, MakeDragList, MAKEINTATOM, MAKEINTRESOURCE, MAKELANGID, MAKELCID, MAKELONG, MAKELPARAM, MAKELRESULT, MAKEPOINTS, MakeProcInstance, MAKEROP4, MakeSelfRelativeSD, MakeSureDirectoryPathExists, MAKEWORD, MAKEWPARAM, Making a Text Buffer Read-Only, Managing DDE Shares, MapAndLoad, MapDebugInformation, MapDialogRect, MapFileAndCheckSumA, MapFileAndCheckSumW, MapGenericMask, MapViewOfFile, MapViewOfFileEx, MapVirtualKey, MapVirtualKeyEx, MapWindowPoints, MaskBlt, MAT2, max, MAXUIDLEN, MD2, MD4, and MD5, MDI Functions, MDI Messages, MDICREATESTRUCT, MEASUREITEMSTRUCT, MEDIA_TYPE, Memory and the Clipboard, Memory Device Contexts, Memory Management Functions, Memory Management Reference, Memory Management Structures, Memory Management, Memory Object, MEMORY_BASIC_INFORMATION, MEMORYSTATUS, Menu Access Keys, Menu Bars and Menus, Menu Creation Functions, Menu Creation, Menu Destruction, Menu Display, Menu Functions, Menu Handles, Menu Item Identifier, Menu Item Position, Menu Item Separators and Line Breaks, Menu Items, Menu Messages, Menu Modifications, Menu Reference, Menu Shortcut Keys, Menu Structures, Menu Template in Memory, Menu Template Resources, MENU_EVENT_RECORD, MENUEX_TEMPLATE_HEADER, MENUEX_TEMPLATE_ITEM, MenuHeader, MenuHelp, MENUHELPID, MenuItemFromPoint, MENUITEMINFO, MENUITEMTEMPLATE, MENUITEMTEMPLATEHEADER, Menus, Message and Message Queue Structures, Message Authentication Code (MAC), Message Boxes, Message Deadlocks, Message Filtering, Message Functions, Message Handling, Message Loop, Message Processing, Message Routing, Message Translation, Message Types, MESSAGE_RESOURCE_BLOCK, MESSAGE_RESOURCE_DATA, MESSAGE_RESOURCE_ENTRY, MessageBeep, MessageBox, MessageBoxEx, MessageBoxIndirect, MessageProc, Messages and Message Queues Functions, Messages and Message Queues Messages, Messages and Message Queues Reference, Messages and Message Queues, Messages to Buttons, Messages to List Boxes, Messages to Trackbars, Messages Used with Menus, Metafile Functions, Metafile Reference, Metafile Structures, METAFILEPICT, Metafiles, METAHEADER, METARECORD, Metrics for Portable Documents, MIB Name Tree, min, Minimized Windows, Minimized, Maximized, and Restored Windows, MINIMIZEDMETRICS, MINMAXINFO, Misc Key, Miscellaneous Messages, Miscellaneous Notification Messages, Mnemonics, Modal Dialog Boxes, Modeless Dialog Boxes, Modem Configuration, MODEMDEVCAPS, MODEMSETTINGS, Modification of Communications Resource Settings, Modifying Text, Modifying the Context Menu for a File Class, Modifying the New Submenu, ModifyMenu, ModifyWorldTransform, MONCBSTRUCT, MONCONVSTRUCT, MONERRSTRUCT, MONHSZSTRUCT, MONITOR_INFO_1, MONITOR_INFO_2, Monitor, Monitoring Applications, Monitoring Changes in a Directory or Directory Tree, Monitoring Communications Events, Monitoring System Events, MONLINKSTRUCT, MONMSGSTRUCT, Mouse Capture, Mouse Configuration, Mouse Cursor, Mouse Input Functions, Mouse Input Messages, Mouse Input Reference, Mouse Input Structures, Mouse Input, Mouse Messages, MOUSE_EVENT_RECORD, mouse_event, MOUSEHOOKSTRUCT, MOUSEKEYS, MouseProc, MoveFile, MoveFileEx, MoveMemory, MoveToEx, MoveWindow, Moving the Image, Moving, MS Shell Dlg, MS_DEF_PROV, MS-DOS Date and Time, MS-DOS Device Names, MSG_INFO_0, MSG_INFO_1, MSG, MSGBOXPARAMS, MSGFILTER, MsgWaitForMultipleObjects, MsgWaitForMultipleObjectsEx [New - Windows NT], MulDiv, MultiByteToWideChar, MULTIKEYHELP, MultinetGetConnectionPerformance, Multiple Clipboard Formats, Multiple Conversations, Multiple Document Interface Reference, Multiple Document Interface, Multiple Document Menus, Multiple Document Window Properties, Multiple Processors, Multiple Threads and GDI Objects, Multiple Threads, MULTIPLE_TRUSTEE_OPERATION [New - Windows NT], Multiple-Part Status Windows, Multitasking Considerations, Multitasking, Multithread Applications, Multithreaded Server, Mutex Objects

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