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VALENT, ValidateRect, ValidateRgn, Var, VarFileInfo, Vector Attribute Values, Vector Graphics Sections, Vector Object Values, VerFindFile, VERIFY_INFORMATION, Verifying Signatures, VerInstallFile, VerLanguageName, VerQueryValue, Viewing the DLL Exports, Views and Styles, Virtual Address Space and Physical Storage, Virtual Memory Functions, VirtualAlloc, VirtualAllocEx, VirtualFree, VirtualFreeEx, Virtual-Key Codes Described, Virtual-Key Codes, VirtualLock, VirtualProtect, VirtualProtectEx, VirtualQuery, VirtualQueryEx, VirtualUnlock, Visibility of Taskbar Buttons, Visibility, VkKeyScan, VkKeyScanEx, VS_FIXEDFILEINFO, VS_VERSION_INFO, VwStreamCloseFunc, VwStreamOpenFunc, VwStreamReadFunc, VwStreamReadRecordFunc, VwStreamSectionFunc, VwStreamSeekFunc, VwStreamTellFunc

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