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Radio Buttons and Check Boxes, Radio Buttons, RaiseException, Range and Current Position, RAS Administration DLL Registry Setup, RAS Administration DLL, RAS AutoDial, RAS Common Dialog Boxes, RAS Configuration and Connection Information, RAS Connection Operations, RAS Phone Books, RAS Port Object, RAS Security DLL Authentication Transaction, RAS Security Host Support, RAS Server Administration Reference, RAS Server Administration, RAS Server and Port Administration, RAS Server Security Authentication, RAS Total Object, RAS User Account Administration, RAS_PARAMETERS, RAS_PARAMS_FORMAT, RAS_PARAMS_VALUE, RAS_PORT_0, RAS_PORT_1, RAS_PORT_STATISTICS, RAS_PPP_ATCP_RESULT, RAS_PPP_IPCP_RESULT, RAS_PPP_IPXCP_RESULT, RAS_PPP_NBFCP_RESULT, RAS_PPP_PROJECTION_RESULT, RAS_SECURITY_INFO, RAS_SERVER_0, RAS_USER_0, RASADFunc, RasAdminAcceptNewConnection, RasAdminConnectionHangupNotification, RasAdminFreeBuffer, RasAdminGetErrorString, RasAdminGetIpAddressForUser, RasAdminGetUserAccountServer, RasAdminPortClearStatistics, RasAdminPortDisconnect, RasAdminPortEnum, RasAdminPortGetInfo, RasAdminReleaseIpAddress, RasAdminServerGetInfo, RasAdminUserGetInfo, RasAdminUserSetInfo, RASADPARAMS, RASAMB, RASAUTODIALENTRY, RASCONN, RasConnectionNotification, RASCONNSTATE, RASCONNSTATUS, RasCreatePhonebookEntry, RASCREDENTIALS, RASCTRYINFO, RasDeleteEntry, RASDEVINFO, RasDial, RasDialDlg, RASDIALEXTENSIONS, RasDialFunc, RasDialFunc1, RasDialFunc2, RASDIALPARAMS, RasEditPhonebookEntry, RASENTRY, RasEntryDlg, RASENTRYNAME, RasEnumAutodialAddresses, RasEnumConnections, RasEnumDevices, RasEnumEntries, RasGetAutodialAddress, RasGetAutodialEnable, RasGetAutodialParam, RasGetConnectStatus, RasGetCountryInfo, RasGetCredentials, RasGetEntryDialParams, RasGetEntryProperties, RasGetErrorString, RasGetProjectionInfo, RasGetSubEntryHandle, RasGetSubEntryProperties, RasHangUp, RASIPADDR, RasMonitorDlg, RASNOUSER, RASPBDLG, RasPBDlgFunc, RasPhonebookDlg, RASPPPIP, RASPPPIPX, RASPPPNBF, RASPROJECTION, RasRenameEntry, RasSecurityDialogBegin, RasSecurityDialogComplete, RasSecurityDialogEnd, RasSecurityDialogGetInfo, RasSecurityDialogReceive, RasSecurityDialogSend, RasSetAutodialAddress, RasSetAutodialEnable, RasSetAutodialParam, RasSetCredentials, RasSetEntryDialParams, RasSetEntryProperties, RasSetSubEntryProperties, RASSLIP, RASSUBENTRY, Raster Operation Codes, Raster, Vector, and TrueType Fonts, RASTERIZER_STATUS, RasValidateEntryName, RC2 Block Cipher, RC4 Stream Cipher, Read and Write Operations, ReadConsole, ReadConsoleInput, ReadConsoleOutput, ReadConsoleOutputAttribute, ReadConsoleOutputCharacter, ReadDirectoryChangesW, ReadEventLog, ReadFile, ReadFileEx, Reading and Writing Blocks of Characters and Attributes, Reading and Writing, Reading Bytes from Compressed Files, Reading from a Mailslot, Reading from and Writing to a File, Reading Input Buffer Events, Reading the Event Log, Reading, Writing, and Locking Files, ReadPrinter, ReadProcessMemory, RealizePalette, REASSIGN_BLOCKS, ReBaseImage, Receiver Code Example, Receiving Callback Messages, Receiving Mouse Events, Reconciliation, RECT, Rectangle Coordinates, Rectangle Functions, Rectangle Macros, Rectangle Operations, Rectangle Reference, Rectangle Structures, Rectangle, Rectangles, RectInRegion, RECTL, RectVisible, Redirector Object, Redrawing in the Update Region, Redrawing the Entire Client Area, RedrawWindow, Reflection, RegCloseKey, RegConnectRegistry, RegCreateKey, RegCreateKeyEx, RegDeleteKey, RegDeleteValue, RegEnumKey, RegEnumKeyEx, RegEnumValue, RegFlushKey, RegGetKeySecurity, Region Creation and Selection, Region Functions, Region Operations, Region Reference, Region Structures, Regions, RegisterClass, RegisterClassEx, RegisterClipboardFormat, RegisterDialogClasses, Registered Clipboard Formats, RegisterEventSource, RegisterHotKey, Registering a Clipboard Format, Registering a Control Handler Function, Registering a File Viewer, Registering a RAS Security DLL, Registering an Application Desktop Toolbar, Registering Child and Frame Window Classes, Registering Shell Extensions, Registering Window Classes, Registering Your Namespace Extension, RegisterServiceCtrlHandler, RegisterWindowMessage, REGISTERWORD, Registration, Registry Entries for Extending the Shell, Registry Entries, Registry Files, Registry Functions, Registry Key Objects, Registry Reference, Registry Settings, Registry Storage Space, Registry Structures, Registry, RegLoadKey, RegNotifyChangeKeyValue, RegOpenKey, RegOpenKeyEx, RegQueryInfoKey, RegQueryMultipleValues, RegQueryValue, RegQueryValueEx, RegReplaceKey, RegRestoreKey, RegSaveKey, RegSetKeySecurity, RegSetValue, RegSetValueEx, RegUnLoadKey, Related Documentation, Relaying Mouse Messages to the Tooltip, ReleaseCapture, ReleaseDC, ReleaseMutex, ReleaseSemaphore, Relevant RFCs, Reload, Remote Access Service Enumeration Types, Remote Access Service Functions, Remote Access Service Messages, Remote Access Service Reference, Remote Access Service Structures, Remote Access Service, Remote Procedure Call, Remote Utility Function, REMOTE_NAME_INFO, RemoveDirectory, RemoveFontResource, RemoveMenu, RemovePrivateCvSymbolic, RemoveProp, RemoveRelocations, Removing a Caret, Removing a Window from the Clipboard Viewer Chain, Removing TCP/IP Components, REOBJECT, REPASTESPECIAL, REPL_EDIR_INFO_0, REPL_EDIR_INFO_1, REPL_EDIR_INFO_1000, REPL_EDIR_INFO_1001, REPL_EDIR_INFO_2, REPL_IDIR_INFO_0, REPL_IDIR_INFO_1, REPL_INFO_0, REPL_INFO_1000, REPL_INFO_1001, REPL_INFO_1002, REPL_INFO_1003, ReplaceItem, ReplaceText, Replacing and Merging Images, Replacing Control Panel Pages, Replacing Text, Replicator Functions, ReplyMessage, ReportEvent, Reporting an Event, REQRESIZE, Request Transaction, Requesting Group Information, Requests from 16-bit LAN Manager Clients, RESDIR, ResetDC, ResetEvent, ResetPrinter, Residues, Resized Windows, ResizePalette, Resolving A Shortcut, Resource Functions, Resource Macros, Resource Reference, Resource Structures, RESOURCEHEADER, Resources, Restartable Parsing, RestoreDC, Restrictions Key, ResumeThread, Retrieving a Bounding Rectangle, Retrieving a File Pointer, Retrieving a Window Property, Retrieving an Item from the Server, Retrieving and Setting a Hot Key, Retrieving Character Outlines, Retrieving Data from the Registry, Retrieving Device Data, Retrieving Graphic-Object Attributes and Selecting New Graphic Objects, Retrieving Network Errors, Retrieving Points and Characters, Retrieving the Capabilities of a Printer, Retrieving the Connection Name, Retrieving the Last-Error Code, Retrieving the Last-Write Time, Retrieving the Update Region, Retrieving the User Name, ReuseDDElParam, RevertToSelf, RFC1157VarBind, RFC1157VarBindList, RGB, RGBQUAD, RGBTRIPLE, RGNDATA, RGNDATAHEADER, Rich Edit Callback Functions, Rich Edit Clipboard Operations, Rich Edit Constants, Rich Edit Control Event Mask Flags, Rich Edit Control Reference, Rich Edit Control Styles, Rich Edit Controls, Rich Edit Messages, Rich Edit Notification Messages, Rich Edit OLE Interfaces, Rich Edit Structures, Rich Edit Text Operations, RIP_INFO, Rotating Lines of Text, Rotation, RoundRect, Round-Trip Support, RPC Buffer Allocation Errors, RSA Public-Key Cipher, Running and Testing Namespace Extensions (Windows NT), Run-Time Dynamic Linking

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