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Backing Up and Restoring POSIX File Links, BackupEventLog, BackupRead, BackupSeek, BackupWrite, Basic and Extended Color Dialog Boxes, Basic Challenge Protocol, Basic Concepts, Beep, BeginDeferWindowPos, Beginning the Drag Operation, Beginning the Tree-View Drag Operation, BeginPaint, BeginPath, BeginUpdateResource, Binary Raster Operations, BindImage, BindImageEx, BitBlt, Bitmap Functions, Bitmap Macros, Bitmap Reference, Bitmap Rotation, Bitmap Scaling, Bitmap Storage, Bitmap Structures, Bitmap Types, BITMAP, BITMAPCOREHEADER, BITMAPCOREINFO, BITMAPFILEHEADER, BITMAPINFO, BITMAPINFOHEADER, Bitmapped Sections, Bitmaps as Brushes, Bitmaps, Device Contexts, and Drawing Surfaces, Bitmaps, BITMAPV4HEADER, BLOB, Block Ciphers, Blocking and Nonblocking Pipe Operations, BM_CLICK, BM_GETCHECK, BM_GETIMAGE, BM_GETSTATE, BM_SETCHECK, BM_SETIMAGE, BM_SETSTATE, BM_SETSTYLE, BN_CLICKED, BN_DBLCLK, BN_DISABLE, BN_DOUBLECLICKED, BN_HILITE, BN_KILLFOCUS, BN_PAINT, BN_PUSHED, BN_SETFOCUS, BN_UNHILITE, BN_UNPUSHED, Bottomless Rich Edit Controls, Briefcase Reconciler Interfaces, Briefcase Reconciler Reference, Briefcase Reconcilers, BringWindowToTop, BroadcastSystemMessage, BrowseCallbackProc, BROWSEINFO, Browser Object, Browsing for Folders, Brush Functions, Brush Origin, Brush Reference, Brush Structures, Brushes, BuildCommDCB, BuildCommDCBAndTimeouts, BuildExplicitAccessWithName, BuildImpersonateExplicitAccessWithName, BuildImpersonateTrustee, Building a Simple Key Blob, Building Scan Lines, BuildSecurityDescriptor, BuildTrusteeWithName, BuildTrusteeWithSid, Built-in Accessibility Features, Button Color Messages, Button Default Message Processing, Button Functions, Button Messages, Button Reference, Button Selection, Button Size and Position, Button States, Button Styles, Button Types and Styles, Buttons, BY_HANDLE_FILE_INFORMATION, Byte-order Mark

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