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Data Associated with List Items, Data Compression, Data Decompression Library Functions, Data Decompression Library Reference, Data Decompression Library, Data Decompression, Data Encryption Functions Summary, Data Encryption, Data Handlers, Data in the Window Structure, Data Management, Data Structures, Data Types and Constants, Data Types, Data, Database of Installed Services, Database Sections, DATATYPES_INFO_1, Date and Calendar, Day, Month, Year, and Era Format Pictures, DBT_CONFIGCHANGECANCELED, DBT_CONFIGCHANGED, DBT_DEVICEARRIVAL, DBT_DEVICEQUERYREMOVE, DBT_DEVICEQUERYREMOVEFAILED, DBT_DEVICEREMOVECOMPLETE, DBT_DEVICEREMOVEPENDING, DBT_DEVICETYPESPECIFIC, DBT_QUERYCHANGECONFIG, DBT_USERDEFINED, DCB, DDE Shares, DdeAbandonTransaction, DdeAccessData, DDEACK, DdeAddData, DDEADVISE, DdeCallback, DdeClientTransaction, DdeCmpStringHandles, DdeConnect, DdeConnectList, DdeCreateDataHandle, DdeCreateStringHandle, DDEDATA, DdeDisconnect, DdeDisconnectList, DdeEnableCallback, DdeFreeDataHandle, DdeFreeStringHandle, DdeGetData, DdeGetLastError, DdeImpersonateClient, DdeInitialize, DdeKeepStringHandle, DDELN, DDEML and Threads, DDEML_MSG_HOOK_DATA, DdeNameService, DDEPOKE, DdePostAdvise, DdeQueryConvInfo, DdeQueryNextServer, DdeQueryString, DdeReconnect, DdeSetQualityOfService, DdeSetUserHandle, DdeUnaccessData, DdeUninitialize, DDEUP, Dead-Character Messages, DEBUG_EVENT, DebugActiveProcess, DebugBreak, Debugger Support, Debugging a Service, Debugging Events, Debugging Functions, Debugging Reference, Debugging Services, Debugging Structures, Debugging Tips, Debugging, DEBUGHOOKINFO, DebugProc, Decompressing a Single File, Decompressing Multiple Files, Decrypting Messages Using CryptoAPI, Decryption Example, Default Combo Box Behavior, Default Header Control Message Processing, Default Hot-Key Message Processing, Default List View Message Processing, Default Menu Items, Default Message Handling, Default Message Processing, Default Palette, Default Printing Interface, Default Progress Bar Message Processing, Default Size and Position, Default Status Window Message Processing, Default Tab Control Message Processing, Default Tooltip Control Message Processing, Default Trackbar Message Processing, Default Transformations, Default Tree-View Controls Message Processing, Default Up-Down Controls Message Processing, Default User and Computer Names, Default Window Procedure, Default Window-Message Processing, DefDlgProc, DeferWindowPos, DefFrameProc, DefHookProc, DefineDosDevice, DefineHandleTable, Defining the Clipping Region, DefMDIChildProc, DefScreenSaverProc, DefWindowProc, Delayed Rendering, Delay-Rendered Formats, DeleteAce, DeleteAtom, DeleteColorSpace, DeleteCriticalSection, DeleteDC, DeleteEnhMetaFile, DeleteFiber, DeleteFile, DeleteForm, DeleteGroup, DeleteItem, DELETEITEMSTRUCT, DeleteMenu, DeleteMetaFile, DeleteMonitor, DeleteObject, DeletePort, DeletePrinter, DeletePrinterConnection, DeletePrinterData, DeletePrinterDriver, DeletePrintProcessor, DeletePrintProvidor, DeleteService, Deleting a Service, Deleting a Window Property, Denying Access Using Low-Level Functions, Denying Access, DeregisterEventSource, Deriving Session Keys, Description, Designing a Protected Server, Designing a Window Procedure, Desktop Objects, Desktop Window, Desktops, DestroyAcceleratorTable, DestroyCaret, DestroyCursor, DestroyIcon, Destroying a Caret, Destroying a Timer, Destroying a Window, Destroying the Accelerator Table, Destroying the Accelerator-Table Resource, DestroyMenu, DestroyPrivateObjectSecurity, DestroyPropertySheetPage, DestroyWindow, Determining File Types, DEV_BROADCAST_HDR, DEV_BROADCAST_OEM, DEV_BROADCAST_PORT, DEV_BROADCAST_VOLUME, Development Considerations, Device Context Functions, Device Context Messages, Device Context Operations, Device Context Reference, Device Context Types, Device Contexts, Device Control Codes, Device Handles, Device Input and Output Enumeration Types, Device Input and Output Functions, Device Input and Output Operations, Device Input and Output Reference, Device Input and Output Structures, Device Input and Output, Device Messages and Device Change Events, Device vs. Design Units, DeviceCapabilities, Device-Dependent Bitmaps, Device-Independent Bitmaps and Enhanced Metafiles, Device-Independent Bitmaps, DeviceIoControl, Device-Space to Physical-Device Transformation, DEVMODE, DEVNAMES, Dialog Box Control Messages, Dialog Box Controls, Dialog Box Default Message Processing, Dialog Box Edit Controls, Dialog Box Fonts, Dialog Box Functions, Dialog Box Keyboard Interface, Dialog Box Measurements, Dialog Box Messages, Dialog Box Procedure, Dialog Box Reference, Dialog Box Settings, Dialog Box Structures, Dialog Box Template Styles, Dialog Box Template, Dialog Box Types, Dialog Boxes, and Message Boxes, Dialog Boxes, DialogBox, DialogBoxIndirect, DialogBoxIndirectParam, DialogBoxParam, DialogProc, DIBSECTION, Different Types of CSPs, Digital Signature Mechanics, Digital Signatures, Directory Lists, Directory Operations, DirEntry, Disabled Windows, DisableThreadLibraryCalls, Disconnecting, DisconnectNamedPipe, DISK_GEOMETRY, DISK_PERFORMANCE, DispatchMessage, Display Area, Display Device Context Cache, Display Device Context Defaults, Display Device Contexts, Display Formats, Display Names and Filenames, Displaying a Cursor, Displaying a Message Box, Displaying a Picture and Storing It in an Enhanced Metafile, Displaying a Shortcut Menu, Displaying an Icon, Displaying Errors to the User, Displaying Keyboard Input, Displaying the Print Dialog Box, Displaying the Shutdown Dialog Box, DL_BEGINDRAG, DL_CANCELDRAG, DL_DRAGGING, DL_DROPPED, DlgDirList, DlgDirListComboBox, DlgDirSelectComboBoxEx, DlgDirSelectEx, DLGITEMTEMPLATE, DLGITEMTEMPLATEEX, DLGTEMPLATE, DLGTEMPLATEEX, DllEntryPoint, DM_GETDEFID, DM_REPOSITION, DM_SETDEFID, DOC_INFO_1, DOC_INFO_2, DOCINFO, Document Conventions, DocumentProperties, DosDateTimeToFileTime, Double-byte Character Sets, DPtoLP, Drag and Drop Handlers, Drag and Drop in File Viewers, Drag and Drop Operations, Drag List Box Functions, Drag List Box Notification Messages, Drag List Box Reference, Drag List Box Structure, Drag List Boxes, DragAcceptFiles, DragDetect, DragFinish, Dragging a Tree-View Item, Dragging an Image, Dragging and Dropping Enumeration Types, Dragging and Dropping Reference, Dragging and Dropping Structures, Dragging and Dropping, Dragging Images, Dragging the Tree-View Item, DRAGLISTINFO, DragQueryFile, DragQueryPoint, DrawAnimatedRects, DrawCaption, DrawEdge, DrawEscape, DrawFocusRect, DrawFrameControl, DrawIcon, DrawIconEx, Drawing a Custom Window Background, Drawing a Minimized Window, Drawing a Pie Chart, Drawing at Timed Intervals, Drawing Images, Drawing in the Client Area, Drawing Lines with the Mouse, Drawing Markers, Drawing Rectangles, Drawing Text From Different Fonts on the Same Line, Drawing Text, Drawing the Image, Drawing with the Mouse, Drawing Without the WM_PAINT Message, DrawInsert, DRAWITEMSTRUCT, DrawMenuBar, DrawState, DrawStateProc, DrawStatusText, DrawText, DrawTextEx, DRAWTEXTPARAMS, DRIVE_LAYOUT_INFORMATION, DRIVER_INFO_1, DRIVER_INFO_2, DRIVER_INFO_3, Drop Handlers, Drop-Down Lists, DROPFILES, DuplicateHandle, DuplicateToken, DuplicateTokenEx, Duplicating Handles, Dynamic Data Exchange and Impersonation, Dynamic Data Exchange and IPC, Dynamic Data Exchange Concepts, Dynamic Data Exchange from the User's Point of View, Dynamic Data Exchange Functions, Dynamic Data Exchange Management Functions, Dynamic Data Exchange Management Library, Dynamic Data Exchange Management Reference, Dynamic Data Exchange Management Structures, Dynamic Data Exchange Management Transactions, Dynamic Data Exchange Message Flow, Dynamic Data Exchange Messages Overview, Dynamic Data Exchange Messages, Dynamic Data Exchange Protocol, Dynamic Data Exchange Reference, Dynamic Data Exchange Structures, Dynamic Data Exchange, Dynamic-Link Libraries and IPC, Dynamic-Link Libraries, Dynamic-Link Library Creation, Dynamic-Link Library Data, Dynamic-Link Library Entry-Point Function, Dynamic-Link Library Functions, Dynamic-Link Library Reference

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