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Cache Object, Caching Additional Data Formats, Calendar Type Information, Callback Connections, Callback Function, Callback Items and the Callback Mask, Calling 16-bit LAN Manager Servers, Calling DeviceIoControl on Windows 95, Calling DeviceIoControl on Windows NT, Calling the TranslateAccelerator Function, CallMsgFilter, CallNamedPipe, CallNextHookEx, CallWindowProc, CallWndProc, CallWndRetProc, Cancel Dialog Box, CancelDC, Canceling a Network Connection, Canceling Help, CancelIO, Cancellation of Drawing Operations, CancelWaitableTimer, Candidate Lists, CANDIDATEFORM, CANDIDATELIST, Capturing an Image, Caret Functions, Carets, Carrying Out Commands in a Server Application, CascadeWindows, Categories of Data, Categories, Category, CB_ADDSTRING, CB_DELETESTRING, CB_DIR, CB_FINDSTRING, CB_FINDSTRINGEXACT, CB_GETCOUNT, CB_GETCURSEL, CB_GETDROPPEDCONTROLRECT, CB_GETDROPPEDSTATE, CB_GETDROPPEDWIDTH, CB_GETEDITSEL, CB_GETEXTENDEDUI, CB_GETHORIZONTALEXTENT, CB_GETITEMDATA, CB_GETITEMHEIGHT, CB_GETLBTEXT, CB_GETLBTEXTLEN, CB_GETLOCALE, CB_GETTOPINDEX, CB_INITSTORAGE, CB_INSERTSTRING, CB_LIMITTEXT, CB_RESETCONTENT, CB_SELECTSTRING, CB_SETCURSEL, CB_SETDROPPEDWIDTH, CB_SETEDITSEL, CB_SETEXTENDEDUI, CB_SETHORIZONTALEXTENT, CB_SETITEMDATA, CB_SETITEMHEIGHT, CB_SETLOCALE, CB_SETTOPINDEX, CB_SHOWDROPDOWN, CBN_CLOSEUP, CBN_DBLCLK, CBN_DROPDOWN, CBN_EDITCHANGE, CBN_EDITUPDATE, CBN_ERRSPACE, CBN_KILLFOCUS, CBN_SELCHANGE, CBN_SELENDCANCEL, CBN_SELENDOK, CBN_SETFOCUS, CBT_CREATEWND, CBTACTIVATESTRUCT, CBTProc, CCHookProc, CDM_GETFILEPATH, CDM_GETFOLDERIDLIST, CDM_GETFOLDERPATH, CDM_GETSPEC, CDM_HIDECONTROL, CDM_SETCONTROLTEXT, CDM_SETDEFEXT, CDN_FILEOK, CDN_FOLDERCHANGE, CDN_HELP, CDN_INITDONE, CDN_SELCHANGE, CDN_SHAREVIOLATION, CDN_TYPECHANGE, Certificates and Certification Authorities, CF_HDROP Format, CFHookProc, Challenge/Response Protocols, ChangeClipboardChain, ChangeDisplaySettings, ChangeMenu, Changes to a Button State, ChangeServiceConfig, Changing a File Time to the Current Time, Changing a Service Configuration, Changing Environment Variables, Changing List View Styles, Changing the Colors of Window Elements, Changing the Formatting Rectangle, CHAR_INFO, Character and Line Operations, Character Messages, Character Sets and Fonts, Character Sets Used by Fonts, Character Sets, Character Type Information Values, Character Widths, Characters and Character Attributes, CHARFORMAT, CharLower, CharLowerBuff, CharNext, CharNextExA, CharPrev, CharPrevExA, CHARRANGE, CHARSET, CHARSETINFO, CharToOem, CharToOemBuff, CharUpper, CharUpperBuff, Check Boxes, CheckColorsInGamut, CheckDlgButton, Checked and Unchecked Menu Items, Checking the State of an Accessibility Parameter, Checking the Text Capabilities of a Device, CheckMenuItem, CheckMenuRadioItem, CheckRadioButton, CheckSumMappedFile, Child Processes, Child Window Activation, Child Window Creation, Child Window Data, Child Window Size and Arrangement, Child Window, Child Windows, ChildWindowFromPoint, ChildWindowFromPointEx, Chinese EUDC Ranges, ChooseColor, ChooseFont, Choosing a Color, Choosing a Font, Chord, CIDA, CIEXYZ, CIEXYZTRIPLE, Cipher Modes, Class and Private Device Contexts, Class Background Brush, Class Cursor, Class Display Device Contexts, Class Icons, Class Menu, Class Name, Class Ownership, Class Styles, Cleaning Up, ClearCommBreak, ClearCommError, ClearEventLog, Client and Server Interaction, Client Area Mouse Messages, Client Functions, Client Service For NetWare Object, Client, Server, and Conversation, CLIENTCREATESTRUCT, ClientToScreen, Clip Paths and Graphic Effects, Clip Paths, Clipboard Commands, Clipboard Formats for Shell Data Transfers, Clipboard Formats, Clipboard Functions, Clipboard Messages, Clipboard Operations, Clipboard Ownership, Clipboard Reference, Clipboard Structures, Clipboard Viewer Windows, Clipboard Viewers, Clipboard, ClipCursor, Clipping Functions, Clipping Output, Clipping Regions, Clipping, CloseClipboard, CloseDesktop, CloseEnhMetaFile, CloseEventLog, CloseFigure, CloseHandle, CloseMetaFile, ClosePrinter, CloseServiceHandle, CloseWindow, CloseWindowStation, Closing a Console, Closing and Deleting Files, Closing the File-Mapping Object, CMINVOKECOMMANDINFO, CMYK, Code Page Identifiers, Codepage Bitfields, Color Approximations and Dithering, Color Basics, Color Dialog Box, Color Functions, Color in Bitmaps, Color Macros, Color Messages, Color Mixing, Color Models Used by the Color Dialog Box, Color Palettes, Color Profiles, Color Reference, Color Spaces, Color Structures, Color Values, Color, COLORADJUSTMENT, COLORMAP, ColorMatchToTarget, COLOROKSTRING, COLORREF, Colors, Columns, Combined Lines and Curves, Combined World-to-Page Space Transformations, CombineRgn, CombineTransform, Combining, Combo Box Functions, Combo Box List, Combo Box Messages, Combo Box Notifications, Combo Box Reference, Combo Box Structures, Combo Box Types and Styles, Combo Boxes, and Directory Listings, Combo Boxes, Command Identifier, Command Items and Items that Open Submenus, Command-line Arguments, CommandLineToArgvW, Command-String Interface, COMMCONFIG, CommConfigDialog, CommDlgExtendedError, Comments, Common Control Constants, Common Control Functions, Common Control Macros, Common Control Messages, Common Control Notification Messages, Common Control Reference, Common Control Structure, Common Control Styles, Common Control Window Classes, Common Controls, Common Dialog Box Functions, Common Dialog Box Initialization Flags, Common Dialog Box Library, Common Dialog Box Messages, Common Dialog Box Reference, Common Dialog Box Structures, Common Dialog Messages, Common Display Device Contexts, Common Encryption Algorithms, COMMPROP, COMMTIMEOUTS, Communicating with the Debugger, Communication Functions, Communication Reference, Communication Structures, Communications Errors, Communications Events, Communications Resource Configuration, Communications Resource Handles, Communications, Community Names, CompareFileTime, COMPAREITEMSTRUCT, CompareString, Comparing, Compatible Device Contexts, COMPCOLOR, Completion Notifications, Components of an Application Window, Composition String, COMPOSITIONFORM, Compression Attribute, Compression State, Computers Key, COMSTAT, Conditional Expressions, CONFIG_INFO_0, Configuration Functions, ConfigurePort, Configuring a Communications Resource, Configuring a Service Using SC, Configuring SNMP Agent Information, Configuring SNMP Security, Configuring SNMP, Confining a Cursor, Connecting to a Cryptographic Service Provider, Connection States, CONNECTION_INFO_0, CONNECTION_INFO_1, ConnectNamedPipe, ConnectToPrinterDlg, Console Application Issues, Console Code Pages, Console Control Handlers, Console Functions, Console Handles, Console Input Buffer, Console Modes, Console Process Groups, Console Reference, Console Screen Buffers, Console Structures, CONSOLE_CURSOR_INFO, CONSOLE_SCREEN_BUFFER_INFO, Consoles and Character-Mode Support, Consoles, Context Menu Extensions, Context Menu Handlers, Context Switches, CONTEXT, Context-Sensitive Help, ContinueDebugEvent, Control Codes, Control Messages, Control Notification Messages, Control Panel Applications, Control Panel Functions, Control Panel Messages, Control Panel Reference, Control Panel Structures, Control-Color Messages, Controlling a Service Using SC, Controlling the AVI Clip, Controls, ControlService, CONVCONTEXT, Conversation Management, Conversion of Paths to Regions, ConvertDefaultLocale, ConvertThreadToFiber, CONVINFO, COORD, Coordinate Space and Transformation Functions, Coordinate Space and Transformation Reference, Coordinate Space and Transformation Structures, Coordinate Spaces and Transformations, Copy Hook Handlers, CopyAcceleratorTable, CopyCursor, COPYDATASTRUCT, CopyEnhMetaFile, CopyFile, CopyFileEx, CopyIcon, CopyImage, Copying and Moving Files, Copying Information to the Clipboard, CopyLZFile, CopyMemory, CopyMetaFile, CopyProgressRoutine, CopyRect, CopySid, Cosmetic Pens, CountClipboardFormats, CPINFO, CPL_DBLCLK, CPL_EXIT, CPL_GETCOUNT, CPL_INIT, CPL_INQUIRE, CPL_NEWINQUIRE, CPL_SELECT, CPL_STOP, CPlApplet, CPLINFO, CREATE_PROCESS_DEBUG_INFO, CREATE_THREAD_DEBUG_INFO, CreateAcceleratorTable, CreateBitmap, CreateBitmapIndirect, CreateBrushIndirect, CreateCaret, CreateColorSpace, CreateCompatibleBitmap, CreateCompatibleDC, CreateConsoleScreenBuffer, CreateCursor, CreateDC, CreateDesktop, CreateDialog, CreateDialogIndirect, CreateDialogIndirectParam, CreateDialogParam, CreateDIBitmap, CreateDIBPatternBrush, CreateDIBPatternBrushPt, CreateDIBSection, CreateDirectory, CreateDirectoryEx, CreateDiscardableBitmap, CreateEllipticRgn, CreateEllipticRgnIndirect, CreateEnhMetaFile, CreateEvent, CreateFiber, CreateFile, CreateFileMapping, CreateFont, CreateFontIndirect, CreateGroup, CreateHalftonePalette, CreateHatchBrush, CreateIC, CreateIcon, CreateIconFromResource, CreateIconFromResourceEx, CreateIconIndirect, CreateIoCompletionPort, CreateMailslot, CreateMappedBitmap, CreateMDIWindow, CreateMenu, CreateMetaFile, CreateMutex, CreateNamedPipe, CreatePalette, CreatePatternBrush, CreatePen, CreatePenIndirect, CreatePipe Function and Anonymous Pipes, CreatePipe, CreatePolygonRgn, CreatePolyPolygonRgn, CreatePopupMenu, CreatePrivateObjectSecurity, CreateProcess, CreateProcessAsUser, CreatePropertySheetPage, CreateRectRgn, CreateRectRgnIndirect, CreateRemoteThread, CreateRoundRectRgn, CreateScalableFontResource, CreateSemaphore, CreateService, CreateSolidBrush, CreateStatusWindow, CREATESTRUCT, CreateTapePartition, CreateThread, CreateToolbarEx, CreateUpDownControl, CreateWaitableTimer, CreateWindow, CreateWindowEx, CreateWindowStation, Creating a Backup Application, Creating a Briefcase Reconciler, Creating a Button Outside a Dialog Box, Creating a Child Process with Redirected Input and Output, Creating a Child Window, Creating a Class Menu, Creating a Clipboard Viewer Window, Creating a Combo-box Toolbar, Creating a Cursor, Creating a DDE Share, Creating a Directory Listing in a Single-Selection List Box, Creating a File Manager Extension, Creating a File View, Creating a File-Mapping Object, Creating a Header Control, Creating a Hot-Key Control, Creating a Junction Point, Creating a Keyboard Interface for a Standard Scroll Bar, Creating a List View Control, Creating a Logical Font, Creating a Mailslot, Creating a Main Window, Creating a Message Loop, Creating a Modal Dialog Box, Creating a Modeless Dialog Box, Creating a Module-Definition File, Creating a Multiple-Selection List Box, Creating a Printer Device Context, Creating a Property Sheet, Creating a Resource List, Creating a Screen Saver, Creating a Shortcut Font-Attributes Menu, Creating a Shortcut Menu, Creating a Shortcut to a File, Creating a Shortcut to a Nonfile Object, Creating a Simple Combo Box, Creating a Simple Dynamic-Link Library, Creating a Simple List Box, Creating a Spell Dialog Box, Creating a Square Meal Dialog Box, Creating a Tab Control, Creating a Tabbed Dialog Box, Creating a Template in Memory, Creating a Timer, Creating a Toolbar, Creating a Tooltip Control, Creating a Trackbar, Creating a Tree-View Control, Creating Accelerators for Font Attributes, Creating an Animation Control, Creating an Edit Menu, Creating an Enhanced Metafile, Creating an Icon, Creating an Image List, Creating an Installation Program, Creating an Interactive Process, Creating an Owner-Drawn Combo Box, Creating an Owner-Drawn List Box, Creating and Displaying a Caret, Creating and Opening Files with the CreateFile Function, Creating and Opening Files, Creating and Using a Temporary File, Creating Colored Pens and Brushes, Creating Control Panel Applications, Creating Custom Check Mark Bitmaps, Creating Customized Fonts, Creating Font Resources, Creating Frame and Child Windows, Creating Named Shared Memory, Creating Owner-Drawn Menu Items, Creating Processes, Creating Scroll Bars, Creating Temporary Files, Creating the Accelerator Table, Creating the Accelerator-Table Resource, Creating the Bitmap, Creating the Entry-Point Function, Creating the Owner-Drawn Dialog Box, Creating the Simple Dialog Box, Creating Threads, Creating User-Editable Accelerators, Creating Windows in Threads, Creating, Enumerating, and Sizing Child Windows, Creation of a Console, Critical Section Objects, CryptAcquireContext, CryptCreateHash, CryptDecrypt, CryptDeriveKey, CryptDestroyHash, CryptDestroyKey, CryptEncrypt, CryptExportKey, CryptGenKey, CryptGenRandom, CryptGetHashParam, CryptGetKeyParam, CryptGetProvParam, CryptGetUserKey, CryptHashData, CryptHashSessionKey, CryptImportKey, Cryptographic Key Overview, Cryptographic Service Providers (CSPs), CryptReleaseContext, CryptSetHashParam, CryptSetKeyParam, CryptSetProvider, CryptSetProvParam, CryptSignHash, CryptVerifySignature, CSADDR_INFO, CTRL+C and CTRL+BREAK Signals, CTRL+CLOSE Signal, CURRENCYFMT, Current Selection in a Rich Edit Control, Current Selection, Cursor Confinement, Cursor Creation, Cursor Destruction, Cursor Duplication, Cursor Functions, Cursor Location and Appearance, Cursor Messages, Cursor Reference, CURSORDIR, Cursors, CURSORSHAPE, Curved Paths, Curves, Custom Controls, Custom Dialog Boxes, Custom System Messages, Custom Templates, Customization, Customizing Common Dialog Boxes, Customizing Old-Style Dialog Boxes, Customizing the Color Dialog Box, Customizing the Find or Replace Dialog Box, Customizing the Font Dialog Box, Customizing the Page Setup Dialog Box, Customizing the Print Dialog Box, Customizing the Sample Page, Cut and Copy Operations, Cut, Copy, Paste, and Clear Operations, CWPRETSTRUCT, CWPSTRUCT

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